19 for 2019: Pave Your Way to New Beginnings

What was your story for 2018? Do you wish to write a different one for 2019? If yes, would it be a completely new one or one with a few tweaks? So it’s that time of the year for some self-work and retrospection, as we look ahead at a fresh new year. Let’s engage in some self-reference, awareness and authenticity at work now!

Goregaon-based Dr Preeti Chawla offers GHP readers a bouquet of 19 ways to make 2019 a winning game!

1. Careful reflection: Take your time to reflect over how you wish to change the coming year. Do not make an overnight plan. Think and re-think over it.

2. Put pen to paper: Write down the events that come to your mind at the first thought with regard to your interpersonal relationships, all that you can recollect with your family and friends – both happy and not-so- happy happenings.

Tick mark all that went well out of those. Encircle what didn’t go well.

How could it have been better handled by you, if it were to happen now instead of then?

3. List on: Enumerate the different aspects of your life. Health, career, relationships, finance, recreation, spiritual, social. Rate each between 0-7 depending on how content you are with them at present. Now decide the ones you would want to prioritize and set your goals with regard to them.

4. The relation reflection: Reflect on quality of each significant relationship you have. And if it got better this year. Like with your kids, spouse, parents (individually), best friend, in-laws (this is not just for women, mind you!).

5. Self-ratings: Did your understanding of yourself move up the graph?

6. Self-care scale: Has self-care gotten better? What did you add towards better health, spending ‘me time’, taking time off, being mindful?

7. Going past the past: How well did the resolution of the last year go? If the ball dropped somewhere in between, how better could you have executed it? Was it unrealistic? Or dependent on external factors? Or you could have better sought help to complete it?

8. Gives v/s Takes: How were you on the graph of social contribution, philanthropy or charity? What mode did you contribute through? It could be time, money, intellect, talent. None is better than the other. Only become aware of how would you want to continue in 2019.

9. Money Minding: Finance management is a responsibility and a need. Whether it is a youngster’s pocket money or a salary from the office, we need to be wise spenders and savers. Did you manage to save before spending? How did you grow the savings?

10. Love thyself now: Appreciate yourself and pat your back on all that you did well (as in the above aspects).

11. Take stock: Accept things which need to be rectified. Criticising yourself is not getting you anywhere. It will only weigh you down.

12. Out of some comforts: An activity you took up that got you out of your comfort zone. Like going on that long-wanted trek, or breaking the ice with your new neighbour or deciding to be just who you are.

13.  It’s a Goal! Set your goals for 2019. Keep into account the ones of the last year you would want to continue with.

14. The winning 3: Reflect on at least 3 new discoveries on yourself as you worked through different situations this year. It could be your degree of resilience, compassion or your ability to remain stable in emotionally demanding situations, or learning to say No.

15.  Learning Curves: Reflect on a talent or a skill – dancing, singing, speaking, mimicry, painting, organising skills…think about it. How has this fulfilled you or helped you develop for yourself and others?

16. Ask of the Past: Time to ask from the year gone by – what did you best enjoy or felt happy about in 2018? And what didn’t?

17. What about Work: How did your professional commitment get better? Was it in line with your dreams and vision?

18. Bless You! Count your blessings – Always! Write down 10 things you are grateful for this year.

19. TY for NY: It’s always “Thank You” before you enter the New Year. Don’t forget to write your Thank You notes to those who have contributed to your life, even in the remotest way and deserve to be appreciated. |

Have a happy, harmonious and fulfilling 2019!

Dr. Preeti Chawla
Dr. Preeti Chawla is a Goregaon-based Homeopathic doctor, Counselling Psychologist and Life Coach. She works across all age groups with the purpose of supporting and guiding them through challenging situations, by way of Personal Counselling /Coaching/ Seminars. She writes to motivate and create awareness on Mental -Emotional health. For further details, log on to www.drpreetichawla.com

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