tribal lunch at goregaon

Tribal Lunch at Aarey: Food for the Soul

Tribal lunch at Goregaon – Of all the days of the week, I pity Sunday the most. Everyone has their hopes pinned on this one day. All expectations of recreation, relaxation, unwinding and undoing are weighed on the last of the week. A full seven-day routine is carried out with the hope that Sunday will […]

shilonda trail

The Forest in the Jungle: Shilonda Trail at SGNP

Albert Einstein once said, ‘Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything’. Modern-day urban cynics would scoff aloud. While genius minds from a century ago had the time and the avenues to frolic amidst natural beauty, where and how can we afford such luxuries now? Let me tell you then, that such luxury […]

Going French!

France should be cheering up by now. Today, July 14, marks French National Day. It’s commonly called Bastille Day, with regard to the storming of the Bastille prison that, marks the beginning of the French Revolution. We too can join the celebrations here in Goregaon east. What better way to celebrate such a significant global […]

GHP: Something old, something new

Goregaon, like much of Mumbai, is a mix, a melting pot. It is already quite a suburban attraction – what with the glitzy malls, powerhouse corporates, luxury residences, new-age schools and zippy flyovers changing the façade on a daily basis. The background to all of this rampant newness is the generations of habitats that have […]