Highway Reel: Rangoon

Rangoon is a larger-than-life confusion! Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor Director: Vishal Bhardwaj Rating: 2.5 Set in 1943, during the pre-independence era in India, Rangoon is the tale of a love triangle amidst the deadly World War II. During this fight for freedom, the nation is divided between Gandhi’s stance for […]

Who needs you, Shiva?: A Queen Questions

Mallika Sarabhai needs little introduction. The only real problem with introducing her is in wondering which tag to put first – dancer, writer, choreographer, activist… The list extends itself with time. At the Bharatanatyam performance she staged with her son, Revanta, Mallika Sarabhai presented a very provoking poem penned by her. The poem questioned the […]

An Ode to Students: A self-study library in Yashodham

How often have you heard of someone who has spareroom in their homes who converts it all into a library for students? With real estate being weighed with our souls, most people focus on hogging every inch for themselves. Not in the case of Pallavi Karmakar and her family residential space. Tucked away in the winding […]

Depth of Field: Product Photography Workshop this weekend

I chanced upon a site called Momentzia, which a very interesting discovery indeed. Momentzia – The Photographers’ Hub, is an online photographers’ collaborative. It is a platform that makes available the work and profiles of shutterbugs across the board. If you’re looking for someone to shoot your wedding, a fashion portfolio, or your newly constructed […]

Enjoy a homemade Bengali lunch with Purabi Naha

How often have we been in this dilemma of wanting the food made at home to be “hotel jaisa”and the food at a restaurant to be “ghar jaisa”?! There are many who would agree. While we keep scouting for different food and experiences, we do want it all in a more intimate and authentic ambience. […]

best dimsums in goregaon east

For The Best Soups and Dimsums in Goregaon: Dimsum Wu

If you’re looking to just spend a quiet evening at home – a perfect monsoon dinner date that fills your stomach but doesn’t burn a hole in your heart – then just say “Dimsum Wu”. This takeaway kitchen inarguably serves the best dimsums in Goregaon east. Think flavourful soups that make the day’s stress disappear. Think […]

GHP Weekend: Not without your pet!

The world seems to be puckering up and gearing for some coochie-coos. How about some coochie with your poochie? And any other species beyond the realm of the homo sapiens? There are enough and more people whom I know to love animals, whether pet or not, more than human beings around them. Pet owners are […]

meghna ghai puri

A decade of “Do What You Love”: Whistling Woods International

The season of love is ubiquitously upon us. Turn left, turn right and we’re being inundated with all that you can do for love, for whom you love and how to love. I don’t believe in adding to the mush so I decided to have a different take on it, keeping Goregaon Highway Pulse with […]