Magicbricks PropIndex

Realty insights: Magicbricks’ PropIndex

The uncertainty over real estate is palpable, what with buyers and sellers sitting on fences and wondering when and how to sell, rent and buy. A pleasant encounter with Priya Maheshwari of, a real estate analysis venture that renders unbiased analysis of the Indian sector (now acquired by, introduced me to the […]

Namamee at Kala Ghoda tomorrow

I write with great pride and joy of tomorrow’s Odissi recital by Shreya Sabharwal and Mitali Varadkar, two young but highly talented danseuses. They will be performing at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival tomorrow evening. Odissi is inarguably one of India’s most exquisite dance forms. Immortalised in the temples of Konarak, in the art and […]

Immersive Theatre Experience: The Dark Room Project

There’s been a plethora of genres of theatre doing the rounds over the years. Going beyond that of experimental theatre is one called “immersive theatre”. I was highly intrigued when Tushar Dalvi, Founder and Director of Rangaai Theatre Company approached me to promote his upcoming show, The Darkroom 2.0. How could I not – he […]

A treasury of Indian craft – Su:Shi India

I have always been a devotee of Indian handicrafts. Handmade wonders, big and small, coming from the heart of the country’s myriad regions, fascinate me to no end. Imagine my delight when I chanced upon Shivikka Suneja, a resident of Oberoi Exquisite, who shares the same delight for Indian crafts. And brings them closer to home […]