The PEBBLES checklist to Ace Your Facebook Live Video

What are most people doing wrong when they go Live on Facebook? We see innumerable people turning into mini-celebrities with their FB Live videos. Here are a few tips I can share from my learnings in this mind-boggling galaxy of Facebook tools!  I call it the P-E-B-B-L-E-S checklist. Make sure you’ve got the PEBBLES in […]

World Asthama Day: 5 Foods to Say ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ to

It’s a pleasure to have on board professionals who like to share their knowledge with GHP’s readers. Their wealth of knowledge comes to any lay person’s aid on days like today – World Asthma Day. One of the most acute and predominant ailments affecting children and adults alike, asthma continues to hamper daily living. This […]