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The students of Oberoi International School, Goregaon east have planned a unique event this Saturday, November 4.
Titled Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, this is a student-led initiative to create awareness about domestic violence. Inspired by the American initiative of the same name, this one in Goregaon is putting participants in high-heeled women’s shoes. To get into the figurative shoes of victims of domestic abuse – literally.
Participants walk a mile in high heels (stereotypically women’s shoes) on the common streets. The walk begins at Oberoi Woods and traverses the neighbourhood of Oberoi International School.
A snapshot of “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes” 2016

‘This is our way of contributing and highlighting the importance of uniting to fight against domestic violence. It is often said, that to understand someone, we must be in their shoes’, says a student representative of Oberoi International School (OIS).

With this in mind, OIS has initiated an event, where all funds raised go towards the SNEHA foundation, that works to invest and aid women’s health care. It also aims to help children and women who have been subjected to domestic violence.
With Walk A Mile in Her Shoes, the students of Oberoi International School hope to give everyone an insight into the issues that abused women face in their daily lives.
Walk A Mile in red heels, the organisers urge. Fight against sexual abuse. Fight against gender inequality. Fight against domestic violence. Stand up, and take #OneStepCloser.
Date and time: Saturday, November 4; 11.30 am – 2.30 pm
Venue: Oberoi Woods 
Further information available here
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