Odds & Ends: Get these cool planners by Odd Giraffe now!

Odd Giraffe
Odd Giraffe is a lifestyle brand that creates awesome gifts, phone covers, stationery and accessories. Their newest collection of planner diaries for 2018 is totally irresistible. Goregaon Highway Pulse tells you why.

What are the Odd Giraffe planner diaries?

Imagine our delight when we received our very own Work Work planner diary! Now here’s a little something that’ll make 2018 even more fun! The Odd Giraffe team tells us: No, this isn’t just your average planner. It’s your best friend, a personal assistant, a cheerleader, your health tracker, your biggest fan, a secret keeper, an art gallery and so much more. And we do believe them – for the next 349 days!
The planner diary has got handy year, month and week views, lots (and lots) of stickers, “goal diggers”, colour-coded tabs, cool artworks designed by the Odd Giraffe creative minds, weekend to-dos, tons of compliments, doodle pages, and so much more. It really is the agenda you’ve been waiting for! What more does your POA need?

More designer planner diaries

Apart from the Work Work planner, there are more available in Floral design and in a Hearts design as well. All the better to make you plan joyfully and personally, my dear! Go beyond that spiral bind of your busy schedule, now.

How can you get your own Odd Giraffe planner diaries?

Call / Whatsapp Chintan Thakker on 9769684546 and order your agendas and notebooks now!
If you don’t like to plan things up, Odd Giraffe has notebooks as well that will help you with jotting down things you like v/s those you don’t. And then you can do your own little life-audit at the end of 2018!

Prices of Odd Giraffe planner diaries, etc.

Planners for ₹950
Notebooks for ₹450
Compliment Cards for ₹150




Odd Giraffe: https://oddgiraffe.com/


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