Earth Day 2018 Special: Green Practices

Earth Day 2018

Celebrating Earth Day 2018 on Goregaon Highway Pulse, we salute the work of
ecopreneurs in Mumbai. 

Mana Chatterjee, founder of Green Practices, talks to GHP about her beautiful eco-venture. A powerful film on climate change affected this sensitive person to do something about ecological balance. Mana went on to establish a concrete solution, that will impact our daily lives. Her online store, Green Practices, ensures our festivals and regular events are all a homage to the Earth.

Tell us when you started your eco-venture and how?

Mana Chatterjee, Founder – Green Practices

I started an online store in 2010 offering eco-friendly sustainable products.

People like me, who live in cities and want to do their bit towards climate change, can order online from Green Practices.

What attracted you to start an eco-venture such as this?

I started my eco venture after seeing the documentary An Inconvenient Truth by former US Vice President Al Gore on climate change in 2009.

Give us an idea of the range of products you currently sell

Our products include eco-friendly Ganpati idols that dissolve in an hour and won’t harm our marine life or our oceans. We sell home, community and leaf composters, organic Holi colours, Areca leaf plates, biodegradable plastic bags and pretty foldable cloth bags.

This summer, we have organic mangoes.

We are also dealing in eco-friendly menstrual products for women like the She Cup and reusable sanitary pads.

Where do you source these products? If manufactured by you, please give an idea of manufacturing processes and how they are eco-friendly.

Aaga Community composter

I source my products from all over the country. I try to source them as locally as possible. Our organic Holi colours are made from plant extracts like beetroot, rice, indigo flowers, etc., by a group of local ladies.

Leaf plates are cold-pressed into shape without any wax or chemicals from the palm leaves that fall from the tree.

Composters will convert kitchen food into manure and keep 300 kilograms of waste, per family per year, from going into landfills that are creating methane gas. This is 25% responsibility for the greenhouse gases on our planet.

Our leaf composter will mulch leaves in 5-6 months, which is much better than burning them and adding heat to our already warming planet.  

Our biodegradable bags will degrade in 6 months and you can grow plants in 95% of what remains.

Who is your target market?

Eco-friendly Ganesh idol (₹2300)

My target market is citizens who recognise the critical impact climate change will have on our future generations and want to prevent it.

What has been the response to your products so far?

We are having an amazing response. People find us online or via word of mouth and call us, wanting to compost or go organic.

Every year, as the awareness about climate change is increasing, people are willing to make the effort to shift to more sustainable products.

Tell us about some future eco-plans from your brand

I would love to be like a one-stop shop for buyers who want to change their lifestyle to a more sustainable one. I’d also like to add products like bamboo toothbrushes, eco-friendly toilet paper and more such.



Website: Green Practices




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