The PEBBLES checklist to Ace Your Facebook Live Video

What are most people doing wrong when they go Live on Facebook?

We see innumerable people turning into mini-celebrities with their FB Live videos.

Here are a few tips I can share from my learnings in this mind-boggling galaxy of Facebook tools! 

I call it the P-E-B-B-L-E-S checklist.

Make sure you’ve got the PEBBLES in place when you’re stepping stones to success!


  1. Points to Discuss: Keep points of discussion neatly typed out in front of you.No matter how much you rehearse, once you go live you could lose your stream of thoughts. With the Likes and Comments coming in, excitement and min-euphoria do take over and make you forget where you’re going!Stick a Post-It to the corner of your laptop or stand your phone against the screen (on silent mode, vibrator off, screensaver off and calls diverted) with your talk points listed out. This should be at the level of your camera so you don’t seem odd or whacked out while glancing at it now and then.
  2. Elevate the level of your cameraWith everyone inadvertently placing their laptops or phones at a lower level than their faces, I’m having to peer into their nostrils all the time. I feel like Alice looking out of the rabbit hole she fell into with these inane top angles!Instead of looking like a silly reflection off a House Of Laughs mirror, just place your laptops or phone cameras at face level. Use that fat Oxford English Dictionary or use a dish rack – whatever. But please, raise your camera to the height of your face!
  3. Check your broadband connectionIt’s technology at the end of that day. It can fluctuate or, worse, it can ditch you all of a sudden. Check on it thoroughly before going live.
  4. BrandingMost of us are going live to talk about our work, products or services. Why aren’t we all using branding in our videos?? Even if you’re a home entrepreneur, a Facebook group admin sitting in your living room or any such… use your branding!Blow up your visiting card into A4 size or just create an A4 poster and place it in the background. Print your logo on your T Shirt and wear it. Place a coffee mug with your branding on it in the frame… There are so many ways to keep your brand identity right there for the entire duration of your FB Live video.
  5. Right LightYou do want to be seen clearly in your FB Live video, don’t you? So please don’t stand with your back to light or to a window that’s letting in daylight. Rather, face it!You may not need fully professional lighting (unless you’re showcasing a make-up tutorial) but please make sure your face is visible. Avoid shadows on your face that are caused by sitting right under a spotlight.

    And, of course, tag your FB page at the onset so it’s on the screen throughout the video time.

  6. Eye contactKeep your eyes on the camera lens, not with your own self! You’re talking to other viewers, not yourself. Keep looking at the camera lens maintain eye contact with it. That immediately spells confidence and assertion, creates a connect with viewers and gives you the pro edge.
  7. Sound Control ambient sounds – Switch off the fan! It may sound funny, but you’ll be surprised at how many people don’t realise that what they’re saying is being drowned out by that constant electric whirring.Shut the windows, switch on the AC and switch off your doorbell, if you’re shooting the video at home.

    Remember to divert your calls to another number for the entire duration of the video. I made the mistake of overlooking this and the buzzing was rather audible in my FB Live video!

    Hope my PEBBLES checklist helps you!


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