Amrit Chatterjee: The new star in our midst

He was a mechanical engineer with a reputed MNC but quit his job to follow his showbiz dreams in Mumbai. He is still to complete his MBA in media studies but has already bagged coveted assignments with big brands. His latest music video is about 10 days old but has already garnered over 120,000 views online.

Clearly, for Amrit Chatterjee, the “ifs” and “buts” are all working in his favour. This 25-year-old from Odisha is doing his homeland proud as he meets success after success in the glam world. Currently a final-year MBA student at Whistling Woods International, he is the face of the all-new Zee Music YouTube channel video, Zindagi Mujhe Pukare. With co-star Shivani Jaiswal, Amrit features in this heart-warming story.

‘The zero-budget music video which depicts passion and love for what you do,’ says Amrit. ‘It says no matter what, when you get rejected in life, keep following your heart and believe in yourself and love the ones who support you’. With a sensibility such as this, he sure comes across as a grounded but ambitious boy who isn’t afraid to dream big and never think small.

The entire team behind Zindagi Mujhe Pukare is from Whistling Woods. Proud of his Odia roots, Amrit makes it a point to inform me that the director, singer and the actor (himself) are all from Odisha. Amrit himself remains determined to be a the first from this state who makes it big in Bollywood.

When the music video premiered at Whistling Woods, in the presence of Subhash Ghai, Manoj Bajpayee and the students and staff of the institute, it garnered much appreciation and praise. Since it’s release on the Zee Music YouTube Channel on May 10,  Zindagi Mujhe Pukare  has crosses over 120,000 views. How’s that for making it big?

We wish Amrit Chatterjee all the best, as he paves a road of success for himself and for his beloved state. GHP is proud to have such talent in the midst of the community and hopes this journey from Odisha to Goregaon reaps many rewards for this bright star on the horizon.



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