Atul Khatri: Muscling into Malad

Atul Khatri - Live in Malad

He’s fondly called India’s youngest comic. And for good reason. This daddy to two grownup girls keeps himself young and trending with his rip-roaring standup comedy acts all across the world. This time, Atul Khatri is coming closer to Goregaon with Atul Khatri – Live in Malad. He’s set to entertain the Mumbai suburban soul on Sunday, November 4th. Make sure you make the most of this evening in Malad, Goregaon’s neighbour.

Why is Atul Khatri coming to Malad?

Aren’t you glad that there’s talent like this actually gracing our parts of Mumbai? I sure am. Somehow, it always seems as though the world beyond Andheri should be ignored by artists and is expected to trudge for two hours to a 90-minute standup session. That’s a tragic-comedy right there.

Atul Khatri is only too glad to go against the grain and set the funny bone straight this time. “You can’t easily travel beyond your suburb these days”, he tells me in a warm telephonic. The metro construction is alienating Mumbai’s folks. Goregaon itself has become hellish, we all know that.

So if you can’t take Mohammed to the mountain, the mountain is coming to Mohammed in Malad! Goregaon folks, you need to be at this show!

The last suburban show by Atul Khatri, in Thane, was over-booked and was a huge success. It sold 800 tickets instead of the estimated 300. Need I convince you any further?

What To expect from Atul Khatri – Live in Malad?

New jokes for sure. More of Atul Khatri’s uncanny observations of people and the worlds they exist in. His eye for human quirks creates hilarious rants on all things being dad, being Indian, being cash-strapped and being him. Himself a suburban Mumbai-ite, Atul brings to stage funny stuff from around the globe. But it appeals to each in the audience, everytime.

What Atul Khatri never includes in his repertoire is fart jokes, quips on castes, body-shaming and other easy stereotypes. And definitely not #MeToo. “There’s nothing to laugh at in this subject”, he says with dead seriousness. He’s the honest man before the HornySindhi.

His software mogul-turns-comedian story is already legend. And I find his appeal in the fact that he chooses to not poke at matters that hurt. That comes from the great asset of experience. Here’s an intelligent comic for you. Ditch YouTube on Sunday and just go for this show in Malad. Laugh with him, live in flesh and live in Malad.

Parting Set

What else keeps Atul Khatri ticking? “I love exercising. Love playing squash and marathon training. And I to listen to Kishore Kumar and rock music,” he says. That’s so much food for the body and soul. When on food, Hotel Konkan Swad at Goregaon west is a big favourite of his too!

Now I’m sure I’ve given you enough and more reasons to head to Atul Khatri – Live in Malad. Staging specially for the Goregaon, Malad and Jogeshwari standup-philes. See you there!


Date: Sunday, November 4
Timing: 6 – 7:30 PM
Venue: Aspee Auditorium, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Marve Road, Malad west, Mumbai. Map It

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