Authentic Seafood Meals around Goregaon You Must Have

authentic seafood

Anyone who knows me well knows my love for fish and seafood.

Here, I tell you about two of the most memorable authentic seafood meals near Goregaon that I enjoyed thoroughly. And they were both the perfect ways to end the last year. Two days in and 2018 is already passé! But these meals aren’t. So do go and get yours soon!

Traditional Pathare Prabhu Lunch: Dine With Vijaykars.

You either dine with Vijaykars, or you simply die without dining with Vijaykars!

Expounding the culture and the foodie tradition of one of India’s smallest communities is this family from Saraswat Bag in Jogeshwari east. The Vijaykars – all three generations – are involved in different ways in this homemade meal pop-up. This pop-up is hosted in an ancestral villa nestled in a quiet green lane. It transports you away from your urban experiences the moment you enter Gurukripa.

The lunch features an unlimited thali that gets you to ask who are we eating today? rather than what are we eating today?! I feasted on some truly delectable preparations, made from fresh, personally purchased fish and organic vegetables from the Vijaykar’s kitchen garden.

What to Expect at Dine With Vijaykars?

Paplet Kolambi Bhujane is a staple curry involving a decent-sized pomfret and prawns. The Bombil fish fry also deserves a mention as the pieces were much thicker and wholesome as compared to what the seafood restaurants serve these days. That with the Mutton Kheema pattice, paired with a tangy coriander chutney, saw me on my way to a great main course.

We’re talking of a unique Pathare Prabhu pickled shrimps that you need to stop eating when you have to stop eating. Other Pathare Prabhu specials here are Kolambe che Kalwan – prawns cooked in a gravy of coriander, green chilli, and coconut milk; and Gode Mutton – a heavenly mutton curry that you want to eat till your last bhakri.

The Tomato Chi Sheer is a light, mild soupy addition that balances the spice and zest of the rest of the preparations. The meal ends with a doodhi halwa that’s sweetened perfectly and a sweet sooji poli to go with it. Non-stop hogging guaranteed here. That and the warm hospitality of the Vijaykars!

Dined with Vijakyars!
(L-R) Shreekant, Padmaja, Shreyansh, me, Sunetra and little Shanaya)

This pop-up started in Mumbai with Sunetra Sil Vijaykar, a creative agency head, casting a net over the idea to her mother-in-law, Padmaja Vijaykar, a physiotherapist. The latter immediately was baited and India’s only Pathare Prabhu food pop-up took off.

It has already met with much success and is now also alive in Gurgaon, where Sunetra lives with her husband, Shreekant and two kids. Her son, Shreyansh, prides in taking you on a garden tour. His enthusiasm is the only thing that can get you moving, what will a belly so full and satiated.

I think they should have a couple of hammocks as options to end the experience with!

Details: Dine With Vijaykars
Note: The January 2019 Pathare Prabhu lunch is on till Friday, January 5
th 2019, until the next dates are announced. Click here to grab a seat
Charges:  ₹1399 (veg); 1599 (non-veg)
This meal was completely paid for by GHP

Mumbai Seafood & Lucknowi Kababs: Baiko’z Kitchen

Baiko is the Marathi word for wife and Baiko’z Kitchen is an ode to two urban Maharashtrian wives, who run this cute little authentic seafood joint in Oshiwara. The food is home-style cooked so you get light, fragrant and freshly made dishes here. No overload of spices or greasy curries at all.

Prawns Thali at Baiko’z, Oshiwara

At a meal for three authentic seafood lovers, we hit out with a Pomfret Thali, a Prawns thali and a Bombay Duck thali. And we were bowled over.

The thali comes with a fried version of your chosen seafood, a curry to with it, some javala bhaji (tiny dried and fried fish), bhakris and rice. The size of prawns in the Prawn Thali is a pleasant surprise indeed. Good portions, well-spiced and perfectly fried – they will call you back to Baiko’z for sure.

A bowl of sol kadhi – rather different from the usual ones serves at mainstay seafood joints, helps you as a digestive and palate cleanser.

Delectable and soft taftan at Baiko’z

More than seafood at Baiko’z

Baiko’z also features a great menu of Lucknowi and Pakistani food – biryanis, kababs, curries and breads. This is one great place for Mutton Shikampuri kababs, Taaftan roti and Mirchi Ka Salaan – all hallmarks of great North and Northwest Frontier cuisines.

It’s one of the founder’s lineage that brings this cuisine to the Baiko’z fare. If you’re looking for a hygienic place for Haleem or Mutton Dalcha, try Baiko’z. These dishes feature on their weekend menu.

Details: Shop 20, Meera CHS, Oshiwara, Andheri West, Mumbai (10 mins away from Goregaon)
Average expense: ₹500 per person

This food review was done anonymously and was paid for by GHP

I’m only too thrilled to tell you about these recent authentic seafood meals near Goregaon, right here on GHP! I’d always recommend that you take time out to go here with your loved ones, rather than order in. That way you enjoy the food fresh and hot! Best way to start the new year, right?

Let me know when you do try these meals and how you like them. I’d love to hear from you!

-Anushree Chatterjee

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