Babumoshai Bandookbaaz: Film Review

Nishaana badhiyaa thaa parchook gaya!

Rating: 1.5 / 5

Starring: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Jatin Goswami, Bidita Bag

Director: Kushan Nandy

The Basic Babumoshai Plot

Babu Bihari, played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, is a contract killer with a swag. He shoots in style, with some clever dialoguebaazi thrown in. Jeeji, (Divya Dutt), a politician gives him a contract to kill a certain Phoolchand.
While Babu is doing a recce for this job, he sees Phulwa (Bidisha Bag). His hormones are stirred and his heart set aflutter. In a really cute scene he tries to woo her but she jolts him and puts him in his place.

Phulwa, witness to the murder, lies to the police and saves Babu. There is motive to this. She gives a contract to Babu to kill Phoolchand’s two brothers as well. In turn, Phulwa promises to give him whatever he wishes.

Without a single thought, Babu accomplishes this with absolute ease and wins her love. This makes Jeeji angry – there’s a standoff. Babu could not care less. He is soon approached by a political rival of Jeeji, Dubey. Dubey asks him to kill three men. Jeeji’s lover Triloki is one of them. Babu tries to warn Jeeji but she doesn’t trust him.

Dubey also suspects that Babu is double crossing him and he gives a contract to another killer, Banke, represented by one Yasmine as backup. Once Babu realises this he tries to kill Banke, who, in a twist of events, turns out to be a fan of Babu. He is the Eklavya-style chela.

Now, both turn this opportunity into a game to see who kills all three men first. A bromance develops and soon includes Phulwa in it.

In another plot twist, Banke shoots Babu and this is where we end the first half of the film. What now? Loads of surprises, secrets and twists for sure. But none that gripping.


Babumoshai Bandookbaaz starts off well. The relationship between Babu and Banke is exciting – Jatin Goswami is a promising actor.

The characters and oddities of a small town in UP and Bihar are often shocking but also salacious and lend authenticity to the narrative. The supporting cast is excellent. Dialogues are crisp, sassy and liberally laced with profanities.

The second half has nothing to offer. As the plot unravels and twists exposed, there is such predictability about it that it makes you groan in annoyance.

There is just too much convenient plotting and a few illogical details that put you off. The climax irritates you more than shocks.

If the film ended at the intermission, it would be a nice-ish to watch on DVD or on a digital platform. Every minute beyond that just seems unnecessary.

Nawaz is great but he has portrayed such a role many a times. Bidisha Bag is hot and does try hard as an actor but doesn’t really impress much.

The film is essentially a huge let down and doesn’t warrant a cinema hall watch for sure.

Reviewed by Nandini Arora




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