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unusual cakes

If I told you that healthy also means tasty, you would believe me. But if I told you I’ve had a Zucchini cake that was delicious, would you still think I’m sane? I doubt it. This World Baking Day, meet Supriya Baikerikar, who bakes beyond the believable. Her unusual cakes really take the…well, cake!

The Most Unique Cakes

For Supriya, the choice of ingredients is endless. She goes as far as to use Rajma (Kidney Beans), Avocado, Pears or Zucchini in her cakes. And yes, they are extremely edible and have many takers. This Goregaon resident has tried and tested many a Almond Flower Cake, Wheat Cranberry Cake, Strawberry Crumble Cake, Date Cake, Cream Cheese Pound Cake, Rajma Chocolate Cake, among others. Most of her cakes are sugar-free. Supriya uses healthier options like dates or jaggery to bring in the sweet factor.

A young mother, Supriya wants to have people know that cakes using healthy ingredients like ragi, oats , jowar and fruits and vegetables can be tasty and appealing too.

The Rising Passion

unusual cakes
Supriya Baikerikar

A graphic designer as well as proprietor of The Doll House Co., creativity and Supriya are no strangers. When the two meet around the oven, it means another unusual cake. “As a child, I have always been fascinated with cakes. I bake to beat away stress”, she says. At it for about two years now, there hasn’t been a single weekend without this passion.

Supriya has been using her ingenuity to bake as per her own recipes. Has ever experiment been successful? She laughs and replies, “Disasters happen sometimes, but it’s all part of the learning. I feel happy that I did try it out!”

A special mention must be made of the Rajma Chocolate  Cake! I was really curious to know how Supriya chose these unique flavors. “I research a lot. Once I get ideas, I tweak it as per ingredients available locally. I don’t want to use some really fancy and expensive ingredients”.

Supriya’s next cakes in line are Pear Cake and Coconut Flakes Cake. In addition to these healthy cakes, she also bakes cookies, biscuits and brownies which equally balance health and taste.

Baking Comes First

One is tempted to ask if Supriya teaches unusual cakes or if they are available for sale. She replies, “If I concentrate on the monetary aspect, I’ll lose out on my passion. I love experimenting with different healthy ingredients  and that gives me a lot of creative satisfaction”. She is open to exhibiting these cakes, so that people can try them and understand that healthy can include palatability.

What better can we learn on World Baking Day? Keep checking Supriya’s unusual cakes on Instagram and be inspired!

-Sumedha Mathur

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