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readymade dosa batter

The best readymade dosa batter in Mumbai is by Vanakkam Foods.

Everybody loves a crisp dosa breakfast. Not everybody has the time to make dosa batter. I for one am of another category. I always forget to prepare for the batter. In the rare cases that I do, I can never recall the proportions required. You’ll find me like a deer in the headlights at 10 pm in my kitchen, surrounded by jars of dal and rice,  measuring cup in hand.

Hygiene issues raise my eyebrows when it comes to buying the random readymade dosa batters too. Now, Vanakkam, one of the gentlest words of Indian culture, has come to my rescue.

What is Vanakkam Foods?

Vanakkam Foods is a house of healthy, traditional South Indian foods. Serving readymade dosa batter, idli batter and vada batter, it’s a brand Mumbai has begun swearing by. Vanakkam sells its products online and offers doorstep delivery anywhere in the city.

The city has always had a love affair with this genre of South Indian food. Every lane in every suburb in anointed with sambar. But what if you want to have this every day, and do it yourself? Vanakkam  brings the joy of dosa making to you home. In a hygienic and healthy way. No preservative, no chemicals.

readymade dosa batter

There is a variety of fresh, healthy and delicious dosa batters available – beetroot, carrot, spinach and plain. The medu vada batter is a classic one and very easy to execute. So also the idli batter. Vanakkam also offers dry podi and more ready-to-eat options like iddiyappam and puttu. These are traditional dishes not easily available in Mumbai.

Pricing and Home Delivery

Priced at a modest 100 for a 1-kg pack of dosa batter, I find Vanakkam to be extremely economical. One such pack gives you at least 15 dosas. You know the math now. There’s a minimal delivery charge and minimum order requirement is  ₹300. If your order value is above 400, home delivery is free.

Order before 11 am and you get your readymade dosa batter on the same day. Or else, the next day. It can’t get easier than this.

All readymade dosa batters have come to my doorstep in hygienically sealed Vanakkam-branded packets. Like is said earlier, the batter is chemical and preservative free. It is also salt-free – you add water and salt when you are actually making the dosas. This ensures the dosa batter remains fresh. ‘The batter has a shelf life of a maximum of 72 hours. It is always advisable to transfer it in an airtight container and refrigerate it’, says Aarti Aruldas, co-founder of Vanakkam.

Who is Vanakkam Foods?

readymade dosa batter
Aarti and Anjali Aruldas

Vanakkam is a mother-daughter duo of Anjali and Aarti Aruldas. Anjali, the senior, launched this business model at the age of 58. Together, they are serving the city nutritious food options that go a long way for babies, school-going kids, working professionals and the elderly. ‘The ideology at Vanakkam is pure South Indian goodness straight from paati’s kitchen’, Aarti says. Paati is “grandma” in Tamil.

Coming from two committed and professional women, Vanakkam dosa batters are prepared with mineral water. It is such supervision and quality control for which I recommend the brand’s products to everyone.

I myself have tried it thrice already and have never been disappointed. Yes, I made medu vadas too. That’s one off my bucket list now!

I recall my first conversation with the very warm Aarti Aruldas, when she mentioned how Vanakkam started serving about 15 kilos of batter in a week. It soon went on to selling close to 70 kilos in a day! A good meal experience goes miles. It’s travelling across the length of Mumbai. Let’s hope it goes well beyond.

Order away on the Vankkam website. You get 10 % discount on your first online order. Batter days are here!


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