Belgian V/S Swiss Chocolate – Who Wins? | Part: II

In her last blog, Belgian Chocolate v/s Swiss Chocolate- Who Wins?, GHP revealed the best hidden Belgian secret: Dominique Persoone’s The Chocolate Line! However, Europe has a strong contender for the chocolate throne. Yes, we’re talking about Switzerland.
Check out travel writer, Akanksha Holani’s final verdict on Belgian v/s Swiss Chocolate!

As Milky as Mont Blanc

For me, anything below 90% cocoa is not chocolate! I hopped from one Swiss chocolate shop to another, hoping to find the Belgian-level of dark chocolates. Only to find out that Switzerland likes its chocolates all milky!

But, if milk chocolates are not your thing, go for Swiss fondues. Yes, not all fondue is cheese. The Swiss know that with all the cinematic sceneries and cheesy dishes, there needs to be a balance. Hence, in the name of all things cocoa, chocolate fondue was found! It is thick molten warm chocolate. To make one feel a little less guilty about eating so much chocolate, restaurants serve it with a healthy fruit bowl. Toss a strawberry in the chocolate tub and heaven is here!

Swiss Fondue

You get good fondues wherever you go, by the Alps view of Grindelwald or in the cafes of Zurich. However, my personal favourite remains the chocolate collection of Sprüngli.

Sprüngli: The Swiss Legend

Sprüngli is the oldest patisserie of milk chocolates in the world. Impressively placed by the canal of Zurich, Sprüngli looks like a fortress.

As you walk along the glass-studded halls of Sprüngli, you can breathe cocoa concentration in the air. This will tempt your taste buds as do the beautiful chocolate boxes everywhere. Some are even decorated with jewels!

Sprüngli’s chocolates in a box

However, all the drooling doesn’t meet with a happy end, since Sprüngli doesn’t offer samples. Score: Belgium-1, Switzerland-0!

Sure, you can give Switzerland some points for a beautiful presentation. But what’s in the box matters more doesn’t it?

As you open your box of Sprüngli chocolates, you find a manual guiding you around Pralines and Truffes. I didn’t know what these words meant, until I visited Switzerland.

But, by the time, you are on your fifth chocolate, you wallet feels thin. Your tongue is now accustomed to the milky goodness of Switzerland.

I believe the best of chocolates should melt and disappear in your mouth, much like the Belgian ones from The Chocolate Line. Swiss chocolates do too, except you feel the milk flowing out of them and slowly filling up your tummy. Safe to say, that just five small Pralines are enough to skip a lunch. This calls for a game changer: Belgium-1, Switzerland-1!

The Final Verdict

So, finally, Belgian v/s Swiss Chocolate, who wins? I could call for a tie. But my loyalty steers me towards dark chocolates. So, I will declare the winner to be Belgian chocolates!

Yet, travel opens your mind to new perspectives. Mine is gradually opening  up to the milky Swiss chocolates.

– By Akanksha Holani

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