Best Indian Summer Coolers!

Indian Summer Coolers

These Indian Summer Coolers are the best ones to ride the Indian heat waves with! 

Feeling drained out and dehydrated already? We have more than a month to go with this Indian summer. Quit the battle to keep yourselves and the family refreshed and hydrated every day.

GHP gives you a lowdown of the best Indian Summer Coolers, from different states of India. Make these in a jiffy and stay cool all summer long!

Aam Panna: Maharashtra

This sweet-and-sour raw mango cooler is a delightful way to beat the heat! Made in every Maharashtrian home during summer, Aam Panna combines raw mango pulp and mint, some sugar or jaggery and is spiced with cumin and black salt. How refreshing does this sound?

Neer Mor: Tamil Nadu

Neer Mor literally means spiced buttermilk. In true Tamilian style Neer Mor is the best answer to the sweltering heat in India’s southern states. To prepare Neer Mor, mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chillies are tempered in oil and added to a light and frothy buttermilk. Garnish this with coriander leaves and drink a couple of glasses through the day to stay energised.

Sattu Sharbat: Bihar

A household name in all of Bihar and Jharkhand, Sattu sharbat is made from roasted chickpea flour. This ingredient reduces the body heat and helps detox the system. It is also high in protein. A savoury drink, Sattu sharbat makes for a great booster.

Banta Soda: New Delhi 

Lemon juice with soda makes nimbu soda. But what makes in a Banta soda? Spiced shikanji masala – a heady combo of black pepper, cumin, black salt, cinnamon and cardamom. Banta Soda is best had when loaded with lots of ice!

Bael Sherbet: Uttar Pradesh

A native of Uttar Pradesh, Bael Sherbet is prepared Bael or Wood Apple fruit. Soaking the fruit pulp in water for few minutes is key. Then strain it along with the water. Bael is essentially cooling. So Bael Sharbat is a great summer cooler

More Indian Summer Coolers

For a more varied menu of Indian Summer Coolers, try coconut water, sugarcane juice, aloe vera juice, dudhi -cucumber juice, mango yogurt smoothie or lassis.

Cooling Ingredients to add to your Indian Summer Coolers

Make sure you add these to your drinks to cool your body down

  • Basil Leaves (Tulsi) :  Add fresh to drinks like aam panna, iced teas or cucumber juice.
  • Basil Seeds (Sabja) :  Add soaked sabja seeds tomilkshakes, smoothies and lemon juice.
  • Fresh Mint Leaves (Pudina) :  Add to aam panna, buttermilk, iced tea, sharbats.
  • Fennel Seeds (Saunf) : Saunf water – made simply by soaking fennel seeds in water – is a cool refreshing drink. Also, fennel seeds with apple and ginger make a great juice.
  • Rose Petals : Add these to coconut water, flavoured water and sharbats.

Flavoured Water

Fruit or Vegetable infused water is a favourite in summers. Cooling fruits and veggies soothe the tummy and make the water flavourful. It works as great a detox too.

Some great infusions are Cucumber + Mint; Strawberry + Basil; Peach + Thyme; Sweet Lime + Rosemary

Prachi Mandholia

Goregaon based Prachi Mandholia is a registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator,
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