Bhukkad Nukkad: For some great Biryani in Goregaon

bhukkad nukkad

What happens when you are called to review Biryani in the middle of a gloomy week? You know the rest of the week will pack some Dum!

Bhukkad Nukkad is an all-new Biryani joint in the heart of Goregaon east. Going by the tagline Happiness is Biryani, it serves a delicious variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare. This is a neat little dine-in as well as takeaway option.

What’s so great about Bhukkad Nukkad?

What I loved about the food from Bhukkad Nukkad is the portions. And going beyond portions, the quantity of meat in the mutton and chicken biryanis. Most often, I find myself in a compromised biryani situation. Meat just does a cameo in every morsel that I gulp. And then I console myself with the odd potato. But what you really want when you’re a Biryani bhukkad, is the TLC of well-marinated meat coming your way. Only then “Happiness is Biryani” holds the food fort.

Bhukkad Nukkad sure scores on the quantity board. The portions – half and full – are generous. The amount of meat in each portion is great too. Enough to snooze you out on a Sunday afternoon! I personally fell head over hooves for the Mutton Dum Biryani. The meat was succulent and well flavoured. The rice was not overly greasy or spicy. Happiness is also a just-right biryani. Which is something one has been forced to forget, with the over-the-top masaledar Biryanis.

If you still want a spice challenge, go for the Chicken Angara Biryani. Richly spiced and distinctly smoked, if you like it hot, here’s your dinner date. And if you think you’ve gone too far too soon (you are a bhukkad after all!) there’s a calming Raita to the rescue.

Chicken Dum Biryani by Bhukkad Nukkad, Goregaon

Will I be a broke Bhukkad?

When it comes to rates, dishes are fair and competitively priced. A one-person, half portion of Mutton Dum Biryani is a neat ₹200. A Veg Dum Biryani stands at ₹149 for half a portion. With the way the food warmly fills the stomach and gently wafts to your soul, these prices are worth it.

Vegetarians Rejoice at Bhukkad Nukkad

Coming to the vegetarian fare. Yes, yes, dear purists. We know there’s no such thing as a vegetarian biryani. But do indulge this menu a bit, when you’re in meatless mode!

The Paneer Biryani is a great one. Again, a dish rightly spiced with large pieces of paneer. The paneer soaks in a perfect marinade that makes each bite a mix of spice and aromas. In the Vegetable Dum Biryani, I found a good lot of vegetables that had cooked well with the rice around it. Not overcooked, over-spiced or soggy, they owned the dish with their crunchiness and individual tastefulness.

Who is Bhukkad Nukkad?

Bhukkad Nukkad is run by an affable duo, Atul and Shailesh. You can keep a sharp-nosed foodie away from his own brand for only that long, I’ve learnt. Usual jobs notwithstanding, the team started Bhukkad Nukkad to offer simply well-made and generously proportioned biryani in Goregaon. And they’re doing that pretty well, I must say.

Try out some of this delish biryani soon. You know you’re salivating already so just do it!

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