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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy: Restoring Your Optimal Health

An orientation with Effath Yasmin on Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy gave me a new of understanding of human physiology. The practice finds its origin in Cranial Osteopathy practiced since mid 1900s. 

Goregaon-based Effath Yasmin has been treating patients of all kinds for all ages from newborn to senior citizens.

Yasmin’s treatment has proven to be far more effective and time-efficient than other therapies.

Here’s a look at why Craniosacral Therapy could be the answer to your many ills.

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Our understanding of the body states body’s composition to be 75% fluidic. However, the lastest scientific understanding is body composition is 99% fluidic in nature. Craniosacral therapy expounds this understanding. ‘Mental as well as physical disorders thus are expressed in the fluid body’, says Yasmin.

Rather than considering a disease in isolation from the rest of the body, Craniosacral therapy adopts a holistic approach. Every major physiological system is connected and dependent on the other. When any one such malfunctions, it will bother the others too. ‘So’, Yasmin explains, we take into account the entire body, gradually following a inherent treatment plan as guided by the body thus relieving illness and moving towards health and wellbeing’.

Through gentle yet intelligent touch and palpation in the physical body, Craniosacral therapists are able to listen into the body’s communication of its state of health. With continuous sessions, therapists like Yasmin have been able to restore good health for many and more.

With its at once basic yet complex approach, Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy has proved to help diagnose and restore good health much faster than conventional medicines or isolated therapies.

It does not, however, replace or dismiss any other medical intervention that a patient needs for his or her treatment – blood tests, specialist visits, surgery, etc.


Who is Craniosacral Therapy for?

Yasmin’s patients have been as young as 3 days old and as old as 92 years of age. She treats birth trauma, chronic back pains, cancer, stress and Bipolar disorders among others.

This therapy aims to restore the balance in the body which is sustainable and personalised treatment. Our modern times have created unique ailments stemming from situations that are unique to each person. Gentle and guided approach unique to each patient is employed to help each patient unique needs.

Significantly, Craniosacral therapy dismisses any distinction between emotional and physical problems. ‘Saying “it’s all in your head” and dismissing it is inappropriate. If it is affecting your body and physical health, it’s definitely a physiological problem’, Yasmin clarifies.

Successful Cases

A young girl aged 30-odd years has been a suffering from Bipolar disorder for over eight years. Despite long term medications and other treatments, her violent manic episodes remained unstoppable and could over 15 to 20 episodes. She was completely unaware of what she does during these episodes. Her family brought her to Yasmin for Craniosacral therapy at Goregaon. Within 7 weeks of treatment, she has shown significant improvement and has several days of no manic attacks – including awareness of her actions and state of mind as well as reduced attacks of violence.

Cancer patients who are undergoing Craniosacral therapy while taking chemotherapy face no side-effects of the latter – sickness, loss of appetite, hair and disposition, etc. Craniosacral therapy has also helped them recover from cancer, with timely intervention.

Children with Autism and epilepsy, for whom basic human touch is a root aversion, have benefitted greatly with Craniosacral therapy, becoming more open to the therapists, with greater learning and functional abilities.

Pregnant women have had far easier and supported labour and births after being assisted by Craniosacral therapists.

Is it Expensive?

Craniosacral therapists charge at par with any other medical specialists in India today.

Yasmin considers reduced rates of treatment for patients from proven financially challenged backgrounds.


Effath Yasmin: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist
Address: Oberoi Woods, Goregaon East, Mumbai
Mobile Number: 098198 90069
Website: http://www.nourishandnurture.in/


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