Bioscopewala | Film Review | 4 / 5


Bioscopewala will leave you spellbound!

Starring – Danny Denzongpa, Gitanjali Thapa, Adil Hussain, Tisca Chopra and Brijendra Kala

Director – Deb Medhekar

Rating – 4/5

Bioscopewala is a modern adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s KabuliwalaAn Afghani immigrant in Kolkata forms a deep bond with a 5-year-old girl because she reminds him of his daughter back home.

The Film

The film is set in current day Kolkata and delves straight into the plot, where Minnie Basu (Gitanjali Thapa) finds out that her father Robi Basu (Adil Hussain) died in a tragic plane crash on the way to Afghanistan. In the meanwhile, she also finds out from her domestic help Bhola Kaka (Brijendra Kala), that an old Alzheimer’s patient, Rehmat Khan (Danny Denzongpa) is now going to be in her custody.

Absolutely clueless about her father’s connection to Rehmat Khan and his sudden departure to Afghanistan, Minnie decides to dig deeper to find more answers. The story unfolds as Minnie begins to remember bits and parts of her childhood and how she is connected to Rehmat Khan aka the Bioscopewala.

Living in a small Afghan village, the story wonderfully captures the life of Rehmat Khan, who runs a small cinema hall to show villagers Indian movies. As the Taliban turns hostile by terrorising the village, they burn down his hall which is symbolic of the religious intolerance and crushing the free-thinking minds of people. Despite the atrocities, Rehmat Khan decides to lug around a Bioscope to entertain people on the move, keeping his spirit alive and thus becoming the Bioscopewala.

As Minnie probes into his life, the non-linear narrative takes you through the various sacrifices he made and different characters are introduced to recount their memories with him.

The Beauty of Bioscopewala

From establishing the beautiful bond between the young girl and the Bioscopewala, to the mixed bag of emotions through Minnie’s journey, director Deb Medhekar’s version of Kabuliwala is beautiful in more ways than one. The series of events unfolding in the film will keep you hooked till the very end. Certain scenes will make you reach for the tissues and will leave you spellbound.

The artsits

Danny Denzongpa’s robust and charismatic Pathani avatar was a pleasure to watch on screen. He illuminated the screen with his presence with each scene. With not too many dialogues, his eyes had a way of emoting even the toughest of feelings. You’ll certainly be left wanting more.

National Award -winning actress Gitanjali Thapa is brilliant in her performance as Minnie. Her effortless acting and refined demeanour fit the bill perfectly. There are several scenes where she excels as an artist.

Supporting actors Adil Hussain, Tisca Chopra and Brijendra Kala do complete justice to their characters.

Supriya Says: Bioscopewala is a fantastically made film which will not only rekindle memories of your innocent childhood but will also seem relevant in today’s times.

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