Blissful Navratri Fasting Food in Goregaon

navratri fasting foods in goregaon

We will all soon start celebrating Navratri 2019 in Goregaon. Each neighbourhood will have its share of festivities, rituals, dressing up and dancing away. Homes are replete with fasting and feasting in different measures. I have often heard from some folks here about how they miss real Navratri fasting food.

Goregaon, and Goregaon east especially, is quite a mixed bag, with various communities living here from all over India. Apart from the generations of Maharashtrians and Marwaris who have been part of Goregaon’s genesis, there are now a lot of families from northern and southern states of India as well as eastern India. Emerging jobs and business opportunities and the ever-growing media industry can be credited for this melting pot! But this blog post isn’t a commentary on communities – it’s focussed on the changing food scene in Goregaon!

The symbolic Garbha that is worshipped during Navratri

Coming back to Navratri 2019 and the fasting practice, while restaurants offer some usual fare, the Indian regional Navratri fasting food in Goregaon are rare. Until a quiet little home chefs platform in Goregaon popped up. I’m talking about Authentic Food Stories, a year-old hyperlocal food startup that’s made quite a successful mark, one delivery at a time. If you’re looking for good Navratri fasting food in Goregaon, look no further!

What is Authentic Food Stories Goregaon?

Authentic Food Stories (AFS) is a platform to connect people and chefs via authentic traditional, regional food, cooked at home by home chefs. These chefs are largely homemakers who have excelled in the art of delicious home-style food over the years. 

Hailing from varied regions – from Bhopal to Baroda and from Chennai to Chandigarh, they share a common passion for cooking. A cooking that’s far from the restaurant style. It’s wholesome, heartful food over 15 regional Indian cuisines that they prepare for their own families, for occasions simple or special. And they offer these dishes on a regular basis on Authentic Food Stories.

Now you know why I’m recommending this platform to you for the best Vrat Ka Khana or Navratri fasting food in Goregaon!

Who is Authentic Food Stories?

Authentic Food Stories Goregaon
Savy Swaminathan, Founder, Authentic Food Stories

Goregaon East resident, Savy Swaminathan started Authentic Food Stories in September 2018. An alumnus from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Savy is armed with over 20 years of experience in multinationals like Unilever and Mindshare across multiple countries. She runs AFS with ardent passion and is beaming at how it’s growing. “After engaging with home chefs in Goregaon predominantly, we are also looking to expand to other areas close by. Our deliveries are also expanding towards Andheri, Malad and JVLR”, she tells me with pride.

Savy’s Whatsapp updates in the middle of your week are welcome ones, with AFS daily and varying menus for lunch and dinner. It blows away the mid-week blues when you’d rather have someone else’s ghar ka khana than cook yourself. Especially for an office-going couple or a cook-stranded family. It assures tasty, hygienic and authentic tastes delivered to you. “We also now cater for house parties, kids parties and for pujas at home”, Savy says. Obviously, the Navratri Vrat Ka Khana or Navratri fasting food is the stuff to look forward to from AFS now!

Some Homechef Highlights

I had some endearing chats with a few of the AFS home chefs, across varied cuisines and specialities. They were only punctuated with pauses at my end because I was salivating throughout!

Gujarati Gluttony

A Goregaon resident for her entire life, Dina simply loves cooking. Her food has always been appreciated and devoured by family and friends. It was only natural that she gravitated towards AFS. Her orders for Puri Aloo, Choley Puri, Halwa, Undhiyo and Tawa Pulao keep pouring in, especially for the Navratri season. A self-proclaimed “fast cook”, she is an upholder of homemade garam masalas. With a marble mortar and pestle grinding spices at her kitchen, Dina has wowed clients with her preparations. In summer, Dina gets busy filling jars with her Aam and Kairi ka achaar.

Eclectic Eastern UP

Richa Mishra has a melange of Gorakhpur, Allahabad, Benaras and Lucknow in her lineage. She covers it all with the “Eastern UP” tag. A young mother of three, Richa hones her passion for cooking simple fare that’s light on the stomach and lilting on the taste buds. Her Navratri Vrat Ka Khana is a bookmarked item on the AFS menu. “Last year, a lady who ordered Kuttu ki Puri and Sabzi called me and said she was left teary eyed at the first bite”, Richa shares. Richa’s foods are urban rarities – Bakal ki Dal, Pinni Chawal, Kalonjis and authentic Holi ka Gujiya. If you’re looking to lace your nine days of festivities with homemade Navratri fasting food in Goregaon, here’s the answer.

Benaras Ki Kallonji: A Mixed Vegetable Delight by Richa

Rajasthani Rasoi

Renu hails from the rich Marwari legacy, from Bhilwada. She comes from a lineage of good cooks, a grandmother whose food was unforgettable and a home where mithai for festivals was always made, never purchased. If you’re keeping it vegetarian this Navratri, do try her perfectly spiced Gattey Ki Sabzi, Matar Ki Kachori and, of course, the trademark Dal Bati Churma. Renu has received rave reviews from those who have tasted her food and loves the AFS platform that channels her passion for cooking and feeding loved ones.

Maharashtra, Malwan and More

If you’re like me – a year-long carnivore, then dial for Pallavi’s preparations. Specialising in Malwani, Maharashtrian and Goan dishes, her Mutton Ghee roast always has repeat orders. All her masalas are sourced from her family homes in Kolhapur and Sholapur. Highly demanded and relished, Pallavi’s food covers a range of authentic food from a simple Maharashtrian home. Bhakri, Thecha, Puran Poli and Thaali Peeth are the dishes offered on AFS. For delectable Navratri fasting food in Goregaon, try her authentic Sabudana Wada or Shreekhand. Pallavi also caters for puja meals, complete with Usal, Varan and Ambe Dal.

Pallavi’s humble and tasty Shreekhand, perfect for Navratri fasting

Order Your Authentic Food Now and Make a Story of It!

It’s a matter of pride for GHP Mumbai that it was through our social media that Pallavi got on board AFS! In ways humble and hungry, we love connecting people for mutual success and happiness.

Lip-smacking Chutneys and Pickles by Authentic Food Stories

Almost every dish on the AFS menu is the kind of stuff that will not feature in restaurants. Apart from Navratri fasting food in Goregaon, AFS is your chance to discover lost cuisines. 

With over 15 repertoires that include Kashmiri, Punjabi, Gujarati, Sindhi, Rajasthani, Marwari, Tamil, Bengali, there’s also some South East Asian, Middle Eastern, Continental, Italian and Mexican dishes. You can even relish some homemade achars and chutneys all year long.

Kudos to Savy’s efforts to keep Goregaon residents engaged in both cooking and savouring niche regional foods. They keep health, wealth and wisdom in dishy tandem.

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-Anushree Chatterjee

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