Body Image: Personal Power Branding Series

In the second of an exciting 5-series blog posts called Personal Power Branding Series by our guest blogger, Kalyani Kamble, we discuss Body Image.  Kalyani is India’s leading Life Coach, Image Consultant and Neuro Linguistic Programmer.

Last week, in Enclothed Cognition – Clothes Have Power, Kalyani wrote a very interesting piece on Style and Image. Her guidance helped readers revamp and redefine themselves, giving you a new sense of confidence and style.

This week we have her writing on Body Image, the second blog of our  This series will help you completely redefine yourself.

What do you say to yourself  when look at yourself in mirror? While taking a bath or in the fitting rooms at a mall? Be honest!

Do you wish you were taller or shorter, had bigger or smaller butt or breasts, six- pack abs, broad shoulders, thicker hair, a straighter nose or fairer skin? Do you constantly compare yourself with others ?Is FAT a feeling for you?

It’s possible that you have poor body image.

Its important to begin with your body image – the way you look at yourself, the way you perceive your body largely affects your self esteem and confidence to achieve your goals . Any makeover/ surgery/ cosmetic treatment/ spa/ weight loss/ beauty cream, etc.,  is temporary and ineffective if you don’t love yourself and begin with self acceptance. Because if you don’t love yourself, you will soon find something new about your body to complain about !

Let us understand what Body Image is and how it affects self esteem.

Body Image includes:

  • How we perceive our bodies visually
  • How we feel about our physical appearance; how we think and talk to ourselves about our bodies
  • Our sense of how other people view our bodies
  • Our sense of our bodies in physical space (body movements )
  • Our level of connectedness to our bodies

How can you boost your Body Image?

  1. Make Best Friends with the Mirror: A lot of Body Image articles advise avoid looking into the mirror or the weighing scale. I say FACE IT. Why avoid something which is a fact? See that body, see that weight, absorb it, feel it, for one last time. Ok, now what next? Resolve to change!

You can write yourself cute messages to yourself with a washable marker pen and then wake up to these lovely messages of self appreciation, look at your self and start your day with a smile.

  1. Practise Body Appreciation: Look at yourself in the mirror , Really focus on the positive! Re-frame your self-body talk to appreciative and positive, look at your body as instrumental than ornamental.
  2. Make Physical Fitness a PASSION: Express self-love to yourself. Do a 30-minute cardio or any physical activity – gym, dance or yoga – preferably in front of the mirror. Look at your body and admire what it can do, the way you move, stretch etc.Look into your eyes and smile, as simple or silly as it might sound. Facing the mirror and doing this can really strengthen your relationship with self. When you work out regularly , You will see how your body changes and how the way you perceive it changes as well. Your skin will glow ,You will look younger and your body will be toned and flexible.
  3. Eating respectfully means accepting and being mindful of the nutrients that your body requires to function. It means eating plenty of good food and ditching sugary and pretend foods that compromise our digestive health, our hormonal balance, our mood and energy levels.
  4. Look at yourself as a whole person: Beauty and Style is not just about body, it’s YOU and you are a lot more than BODY. Focus on self-improvement, strive to excel in your profession, learn new skills, go on adventure, write a blog, a book!
  5. Surround yourself with positive friends: Friends who love you for who you are not the way you look. Friends who are passionate about fitness – share health goals with them, have spa parties and self-appreciation meets.
  6. Break Bad External Mental and Verbal Habits : This sounds simple, but, depending on how ingrained they are into your mindset, this can take discipline and practice to incorporate into your daily routine. Avoid relationships in which the other person makes unflattering remarks about your appearance or tries to pressure you regarding your body.Avoid judging others based on their appearances. Be disciplined to eliminate those thoughts as soon as they arise. Focus on what someone says, how they act and treat others. Avoid all comments about others’ physical appearance for one week. Then one month. Can you do it? It can lead to healthy habits for your mindset and approach to body image.
  7. Improve your Body Language: Start with your posture. Stand up straight. Carrying yourself in good posture helps you to look and feel better. It is better for your back, neck and internal organs. Sometimes the feeling of self-esteem comes with the physical manifestation of looking the part. In other words, sometimes you need to “Fake it until you make it”.We will be writing more about body langauge as a part of our ongoing series Powerful Personal Branding.
  1. Know your body shape and dress to flatter your body shape: Dressing impressively and first to please yourself is the most powerful and instant way to shift the way you feel about your body. To know more about how clothes affect your moods and enhance your self esteem read our previous blog Enclothed Cognition.Enhance what you love and camouflage what you are not comfortable with (point to note I haven’t used words like hate, ugly, fat, not attractive and you shall swear not to indulge in such self-talk. )Next week we will post a blog on finding your personal style and dressing your shape . Its not about what you wear but how you wear it. It’s not about size its about confidence and self-acceptance.
  1. Know your personal colours: Colours can create clothing illusions and colours can drastically change your mood and help you strength your personal branding and identity.
    Look forward to our blog on this series on Colour Psychology and How to Colour combine Clothes and Accesories. Coming up next week!



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