The Half Pant Dictatorship: Guest blog by food entrepreneur Shabnam Mehra

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During the rise of feminism, who wears the pants in your house identified the decision maker of the house. In the last decade, there has been a subtle coup. This key position has been usurped by the generation Y and generation T (T for toddlers).

Think about it – aren’t all our decisions are based on what works best for the kids? Be it location of home, outings, vacation destinations and sometimes even the friends and family we want to associate with.

And the biggest factor on the list is ‘What will baba or baby eat?’ In all the years that I have been a mom, I have yet to come across one parent who was happy with the way the kids ate.

shabnam mehra burgundy box
Shabnam Mehra: Co-Founder, Burgundy Box

Considering the rise of obesity in young India, one is puzzled about the fact that if half the kids are malnourished and the other half are too fussy to eat anything,  who is really getting obese? I don’t know about the nation but I definitely want to know!

Now many of you will immediately want to enlighten me with the reality of junk food in our lives and how the kids are eating so much of it. If that’s true, how come we parents  are sitting back and letting our kids get away with it?

Would we allow them to indulge in poison or drugs “only once a week” or “if they finish their homework”? The reality is that we are tired – tired of fighting, comparing and struggling all the time and have made peace with the statement: At least they have eaten something.

So what do we do to overcome the main issue of healthy eating? Packaged foods and juices are not viable alternatives. Like charity this battle too has to begin at home. I am all for adapting the strategy of C.R.E.A.T.  This is the use of Camouflage, Reasoning, Engaging and Tastier food. Let’s commit to feeding our kids healthier food. Folks, it’s time to start wearing the pants again – it’s a worthy cause.

P.S. – My teenager, who is monitoring me right now, does not agree with any of this. She is trying to convince me that parents are the ones who take all calls. The debate is open, we may be taking the calls but who is complying?

– Shabnam Mehra

Shabnam Mehra is Co-Founder of Burgundy Box – Happiness is Homemade. From easy Do-It-Yourself meal kits to delicious ready-to-eat meals, Burgundy Box  provides fresh, tasty and healthy meals to satiate those hunger pangs.

A Burgundy Box meal is devoid of chemicals, preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients. Across cuisines, meal options make for great experiences for adults and children alike.

Burgundy Box’s latest offering is the  Zero Grocery range. Home-style daily meal kits delivered meal-wise to you with freshly chopped and prepped ingredients every day. All you need to do is just spend 10-15 minutes to finish the dish (cook the way you like it or follow our recipe). Make food hot and fresh so it’s ready just when you need it. All you need available at home is your preferred oil, salt, pepper and chilli powder – everything comes ready in a Zero Grocery bag.  

Zero Grocery has designed its service to teach users new recipes, save them prep time and also reduce unnecessary waste of ingredients. 

Subscription kits for kids are available via a simple subscription plan (5/6/7 day), and delivered daily between 4 and 6 pm  to your doorstep. Everyday brings a new dish – with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options – paranthas, burgers, pasta, roti cups and much more. 

Zero Grocery kits are priced ₹600 onwards.

In particular most of these dishes are packed with superfoods and vegetables that kids would normally turn up their nose at!  Burgundy Box uses everyday ingredients like beetroot, pumpkin, doodhi, spinach, in disguised forms.

‘We believe this can solve a big pain point for parents, who keep wondering about what to get the kids to eat, today’, says Shabnam Mehra.

Burgundy Box gourmet meal kits are available at

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