Busting Summer Boredom for Kids!

Summer is here and so are long summer holidays. Kids are at home during the day due to heat and are mostly bored and irritated. If you are a mother just like me, who allows only an hour of TV per day, then it’s super challenging to keep them busy, active and occupied with fun activities. So here are some simple but fantastic fun DIY wet art activities for your kids. These are at little or zero cost, with lots of recycling!

DIY Kids Art #1:  Recycled bottle bubble art

What you’ll need:

  • A used empty plastic bottle (mineral or soda bottle)
  • Mesh bags (packaging plastic net bags used for grocery items or fruits)
  • A rubber band or strong tape
  • Watercolours
  • Marker
  • Scissor
  • Empty disposable bowls
  • Bubble solution or kitchen liquid soap
  • White paper

  • Step 1. Make your recycled bottle blower: Make a mark on the plastic bottle and cut it as shown in image. Wrap it in mesh bag and secure it with rubber band or strong tape.
  • Step 2. Lay your art sheet on a drop cloth or a plastic sheet or a waterproof art board, whichever is available at home.
  • Step 3. Give your child the bowls and add bubble solution in each bowl. Add your choice of liquid watercolours to the bowls (one colour per bowl) at a ratio of around 1:3 (3 parts bubble solution, 1 part watercolour). You may need to experiment with this, but don’t overdo the watercolours; otherwise, it will be difficult to form bubbles.
  • Step 4. Dip your bubble blower into the bubble water/paint solution; then, gently blow out onto the watercolour on the paper. It’s better to go slow and be almost touching distance to the paper, so that the painted bubbles adhere to the paper. Repeat with many different colours.
  • **NOTE: Make sure children are supervised when doing this and that they are blowing OUT. Please do not attempt to do this art activity with young children who do not know and practice the difference.  Since this is a bottle, it’s unlike straw art where it’s easier to blow in. However, please still be careful in making sure children understand to always blow OUT.

DIY Kids Art #2: Spray Bottle or Water Gun Art

What you’ll need:

  • Spray bottle or water gun
  • Watercolours
  • Water
  • White paper
  • Easel board

  • Step 1. Fix an art sheet on the easel board. Now draw or print an image on a rough paper and cut it out. I have chosen the first letter of my child’s name. Fix this on your art sheet with board pins. 
  • Step 2. Mix 1:2 watercolour (1 part) with water (2 parts) and fill it in spray bottle or water gun. Make sure you either place the easel outdoors or in a balcony. Better to spread a drop cloth below the easel if you are doing in the house. Let your child spray on the art sheet with different colours.
  • Step 3. Allow the colours to dry and gently remove the image.

DIY Kids Art #3: Drip Drop Painting with Dropper

What you’ll need

  • Old medicine dropper
  • Kitchen paper towel or white paper sheet
  • Easel board
  • Water colours
  • Bowls or jars
  • Step 1. Lay the drop cloth if you are using easel board and white paper sheet. If you are using kitchen paper towel than put it in a plastic tray.
  • Step 2. Mix watercolours with water with ratio 1:2 for easy sucking and dripping. Give your child dropper and colour. Show them first how to suck the coloured water and drop it with the dropper. Then let your child drip colours on the paper!

Keta Jha, the #DIYDame, is a young mother to a five-year-old.

She has experience in early child education and an obvious passion for kids and their wholesome development.

Keta has been developing DIY art activities for kids for over 2 years now and loves to share these ideas with more enthusiastic moms!

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