Buy Organic Holi Colours in Goregaon

organic Holi colours

Organic Holi colours help promote safe and sustainable Holi celebrations. 

Red, blue, indigo or yellow – drench your friends in any or more of these colours. But do it with organic Holi colours!

Chemical-based colours kill our marine life and harm our waters. Beginning with how much of our effort and water they waste when we try to scrub them off, chemical Holi colours are a big No-No.

Where to buy organic Holi Colours in Goregaon

Mumbai-based brand Green Practices is selling purely natural and organic Holi colours. Goregaon Highway Pulse is a proud promoter of this product, for this festive season.
To get them in Goregaon east, you can pre-order them by calling us on 9820444715 or emailing

What are the ingredients of this Holi colour?

These colours are made from rice, arrowroot, haldi, kumkum, marigold, indigo flowers and beetroot. That’s how natural and chemical-free they are!

What are the rates and package sizes available? Click on each link below to see all details

Make this Holi even more pure by choosing plant based 100% organic Holi colours by Green Practices. Support Goregaon Highway Pulse in its efforts to add value to your lives!
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