Caregiver Saathi: Caregivers Meetup in Goregaon


We all are “Caregivers” as we care for our families or dear ones. When we are mainly responsible for the care and wellbeing of loved ones then we are “Primary Caregivers”. I understood this vital aspect from my interaction with Caregiver Saathi.

What is Caregiver Saathi?

Caregiver Saathi, are Companions for Caregivers. This is a social enterprise. It conducts support group meetings for the caregivers, in Goregaon.

This forum is an endeavour to acknowledge and support caregivers of patients with terminal illness or chronic conditions. Through meetups like these, the intent is to improve the quality of their lives, their well-being and those that they care for.

Why Caregiver Saathi?


“There are many ways in which a caregiver is challenged on a day-to-day basis. They have to provide better care. Often the caregiver also needs care, emotional support, understanding and guidance from others with similar experiences”, a Caregiver spokesperson tells me.

Through the meetings, Caregiver creates an integrated eco-system and a one-stop-solution to caregivers needs. The well-being of a caregiver is pivotal to healing and well-being of the patient or care-receiver.

Caregiving to a dear one facing terminal illness or a chronic condition is a uniquely challenging and often a traumatic journey for the primary caregiver. The support group meeting is where the caregivers are invited to discuss and engage with other caregivers. 

How to Attend a Caregiver Saathi meetup?

Caregiver Saathi has regular meetups twice a month.

To register, call Bhavana Issar on 9326161735 or 9833312168 and Nandita Gadgil on 9323192173

There are no charges associated with these sessions.

: A4104 Oberoi Exquisite, Aba Karmarkar Road, Goregaon East, Mumbai 400063. Map It
Timing: 2 to 4 pm

Entry: Free (pre-registration required)

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