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I have something truly commendable to share with you today, dear Goregaon. A caregiver support forum called Illuminating Lives, that’s doing some noble work in our neighbourhood.

So many of us have experienced illnesses in our families. These could be illnesses grave or minor. It’s always the family members who gear up to support and take care of the one who is ill. But who takes care of the caregivers? Illuminating Lives is a Goregaon-based initiative, to reach out to such caregivers.

Started on a very small scale, from a residence in Goregaon east, Illuminating Lives is a caregiver support platform. It’s a small community initiative that makes a huge impact. Connecting mothers to differently-abled kids, home-based caregivers of schizophrenic patients, family members who are caregivers of cancer patients and more such – it truly work to illuminate lives.

Who Is Illuminating Lives?

Goregaon-based lady, Malini Roy, started Illuminating Lives recently. She herself went through the rollercoaster experience of looking after her parents, who suffered from debilitating diseases. Her emotional, physical and mental traumas were no easy ones to tackle. But she did. And only emerged stronger. Strong enough to think about more like her, who need caregiver support, love and care themselves.

“So far about 8 caregivers continue to interact with me,” says Malini. She conducts interactive sessions at her residence, to enable engaging discussions, counselling, medium for self-expression and heart-to-heart connections that only more caregivers can perceive.

Malini is a content strategist with experience of over 15 years and mother to a teenager. (Seated centre in the image above_

What Does Illuminating Lives Do?

Malini has been using techniques of creative expression like painting and more art forms, to provide outlets of release for caregivers.

Caregivers stress and burnout is a real thing. Recognising this, she comes up with innovative ways to combat the anxieties, fears and dilemmas that people coming to Illuminating Lives meetings are brimming with.


“Full confidentiality is maintained”, Malini assures.

All Illuminating Lives forums are free of charge. They are conducted on a monthly basis in Goregaon.

In fact, today – Thursday, November 29th will have this month’s session.

The Impact of Illuminating Lives for caregivers and their families

“This is an effort to help caregivers lead stronger lives through vital self-care so they don’t silently suffer. And family can be more supportive”, Malini states. Illuminating Lives creates the ground work for a huge growing dependence on self-care for the future.

‘Even the most dedicated workers need an occasional vacation, and this is especially true of caregivers. A burned-out caregiver cannot provide quality care.’, says Dr. Helen Susik – Gerontologist, Suncoast Gerontology Center, University of South Florida.

Illuminating Lives is a small step in a big direction and GHP is proud to spread awareness about a noble initiative like this one in Goregaon. Here’s wishing more illumination for Malini and her caregiver support initiatives.


Illuminating Lives November session –

Date: Thursday, November 29, 2018
Time: 5.30 – 7 PM
Venue: A-602, Sai Sagar Tower, Sai Baba Complex, Goregaon east
Call: Malini Roy – 9920549085

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