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Startups – Plug and Play at this co-working space      

Co-Working space,Centre for Excellence in Goregaon east, gives small entrepreneurs and startups the strategic business boost We all know that we’re far away from the days of stringent working patterns. We’ve largely done away with 9-to-5 and work-from-home no longer raises the eyebrow. What about those of you for whom work-from-home is the primary scene? Home-entrepreneurs and […]

The PEBBLES checklist to Ace Your Facebook Live Video

What are most people doing wrong when they go Live on Facebook? We see innumerable people turning into mini-celebrities with their FB Live videos. Here are a few tips I can share from my learnings in this mind-boggling galaxy of Facebook tools!  I call it the P-E-B-B-L-E-S checklist. Make sure you’ve got the PEBBLES in […]

Maa2Mom: An 8000 mums -strong network

I write about an interesting entrepreneur today – Jyoti Agarwal. She’s the brain behind the Facebook group called Maa2Mom, a connect that brings together close to 8,000 mothers across the planet!                 As is with most women I meet, the zeal for entrepreneurship and exploring one’s talents and […]

Volody: India’s first software for total business automation

Small, medium and major business firms are going to love this discovery – Volody: India’s first and largest cloud-based software for Secretarial, Tax, Compliance and Legal Automation. Developed and marketed by Consultlane Business Solutions, with the head office in Goregaon east, Volody is a technology that becomes a game-changer for your business needs. It takes […]

Manimala Hazarika: Award-winning online entreprenuer

In the last 10 months, I have interacted with many individuals in and around Goregaon east, who are doing incredible work for the greater common good. The spectrum of work is varied – environment, wildlife, women, children, health, robotics, green industries, tribal welfare, culture and so much more. With these discoveries, started a new section […]

New goodies out of the box – Pitaara

A short telephonic chat with Sangeeta Vyas, the founder of Pitaara – The Art Box leaves me very optimistic about having more performing arts events so close to Goregaon east ‘Bombay is a city of surprises,’ gushes Sangeeta Vyas, founder of Pitaara – The Art Box. A fast-becoming popular and beloved art space, Pitaara was […]

The Socialize Store: Worth your every paisa

She is young, she is dynamic and she is inspiring. Ami Savla, founder of Socialise Store, has made it her mission to spread digital literacy and knowledge of social media to the country. By way of her brilliant workshops, she encourages anyone and everyone who wants to find their way around the labyrinths of social media […]