self acceptance

How Can I Ace that Self-Acceptance Game?

Would you like you if you met you? Most of us would be struggling with an answer other than a YES because we are too harsh on ourselves. We are busy attaching all kinds of T & C s to accept and like ourselves. “I would feel good enough only after I lose some weight, […]

How NOT To Stress Yourself Out This Diwali

Festivals are times of laughter, feeling the love, celebrating and enjoying with our friends and family. But the preps for festivals get us stressed. Isn’t that ironic? For us human beings, stress builds up when we fail to meet our own expectations. Feeling stressed makes us irritable, sleepless, decreases in our appetite, increases fatigue. In […]

Vijay Nallawala

Being Bipolar | Vijay Nallawala

It was only when I lost my mind that I realised that all that mattered was the mind. – This might just seem like a very candid statement off a meme on Facebook. But what it really is, is a open-hearted confession by a young Vijay Nallawala. Author of a gripping book A Bipolar’s Journey, […]

dr adita agrawal

World Mental Health Day | Dr Adita Agrawal

World Mental Health Day is a day that should get more importance. The rise in urban anxieties, pressures and social stigma create ripple effects in everyone’s minds. So why not address the elephants living in our rooms? Dr Adita Dagaria Agrawal, a Consultant Psychiatrist specialised in the treatment of anxiety, depression, headache, adolescent / teenage […]

saanchi nayak

Serving health | Saanchi Nayak’s Superfood Café

What happens when a nutritionist starts her own eatery? Well, it’s a dream come true. For the nutritionist herself and for everyone lining up. It’s a win-win for all. Meet Saanchi Nayak – a nutritionist who is living the dream. Superfood Café, her very own eatery in Kandivali, Mumbai, is an out-and-out health food café. […]

dr rohan bartake

Addicted to De-addiction | Dr Rohan Bartake

Did you know that India is ranked as number 1 in oral cancer cases? And that 90% of this is solely due to tobacco addiction? I didn’t. I learnt this from Dr Rohan Bartake, one of India’s few tobacco de-addiction specialists. Through his work over the years, this 36-year-old doctor has championed the cause of […]

let's walk

Let’s Walk – Beach Walk

The first Let’s Walk event was an exciting one to partner with. And I am once again is looking forward to the next one, as GHP hops on board as partner for #Letswalk- Beach Walk this time round! Yes, conceptualised by Dr Bhavi Mody, an health evangelist, this a great event to promote a simple […]

Akshi Oil

Keep Calm and Oil On | Akshi Oil

Akshi Oil has been a very special discovery for us at GHP Mumbai. This is a truly  impressive brand of organic cold-pressed oils. Since 2016, Akshi Oil has been bringing wellness to people’s homes, one vial at a time. The range boasts of oils for all purposes and for all kinds of uses. From kids […]