caregiver support

Caring for Caregivers: Illuminating Lives Goregaon

I have something truly commendable to share with you today, dear Goregaon. A caregiver support forum called Illuminating Lives, that’s doing some noble work in our neighbourhood. So many of us have experienced illnesses in our families. These could be illnesses grave or minor. It’s always the family members who gear up to support and […]

dr rohan bartake

Addicted to De-addiction | Dr Rohan Bartake

Did you know that India is ranked as number 1 in oral cancer cases? And that 90% of this is solely due to tobacco addiction? I didn’t. I learnt this from Dr Rohan Bartake, one of India’s few tobacco de-addiction specialists. Through his work over the years, this 36-year-old doctor has championed the cause of […]

Dipesh Tank

Highway Heroes | Dipesh Tank

Dipesh Tank. A Malad resident who is making Mumbai local trains safer for women. A definite Highway Hero. Sexual violence against women is an issue of concern in India. In Mumbai’s local trains, it’s like an everyday affair. While most choose to vent it out with rallies, petitions and social media, one Malad resident has actually […]

Naavnidhi K Wadhwa

Naavnidhi K Wadhwa: A Crowning Inspiration

It’s difficult to believe that this fluent, composed speaker was once someone challenged with her English skills. Naavnidhi K Wadhwa, current winner of the Mrs Asia Woman of the Universe title, has a formidable story of triumph to tell. From cradle to crown, here’s the story of a definite icon. Titles To Her Name She […]

subhash ghai

Subhash Ghai: Showman, Patriot, Mentor

Each time I visit Whistling Woods International, the campus buzz is immediately palpable. It was more so on January 24, 2018 – founder and mentor Subhash Ghai’s birthday. The place was abuzz with staff, students, guests and well-wishers. A surprise show by the WWI students was in the offing and they could hardly wait to […]

NGOs in Goregaon

Say ‘I DO-nate’: NGOs in Goregaon to engage with for your wedding celebrations

“No Gifts Please” on your wedding cards? Here are some Goregaon NGOs your wedding guests can contribute to instead. A lot of families that are hosting weddings are strictly not accepting gifts of any kind from their guests. A lot more are also giving their guests the option to donate voluntarily to NGOs or charities […]

Angel Xpress Foundation Goregaon east

Guardians of the Galaxy: Angel Xpress Foundation, Goregaon east         

Wish to volunteer and make a difference to a child’s life? Dedicate two hours of your time at the Angel Xpress Foundation, Goregaon east and see the change. If you think that verdant, lush surroundings in which one can relax and re-invent oneself are a luxury of the privileged, think again. Imagine my surprise when […]

chandan anand

Connect with the child within: Actor Chandan Anand

He’s been Kroor Singh in Prem Ya Paheli – Chandrakanta, in Raju in Parched and many more significant characters on stage and on screen. Actor Chandan Anand, who grew up in Delhi and in Jammu, is as talented as he is good looking. Chatting with him gradually reveals a side that is lucid as well […]