Holi Hai! Unique treats to enjoy this Holi!

This Holi 2018, Goregaon Highway Pulse suggests you try some of these truly unique treats ! Made afresh, made with great quality ingredients and available at your doorstep, these will make Holi 2018 all the more memorable. Enjoy with your friends and family!   Thandai Ice Cream by Icestasy Foods   Ever tried Thandai in […]

holi 2018

Holi 2018: Best tips to protect your face, hair and body

Holi 2018 is on Friday, March 2. It’s the one festival that promises most fun and frolic. Children and adults alike look forward to Holi for all the colour and festivities. Here are some handy tips to help you before, during and after Holi. These will help you protect your skin and hair and save […]

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Buy Organic Holi Colours in Goregaon

Organic Holi colours help promote safe and sustainable Holi celebrations.┬á Red, blue, indigo or yellow – drench your friends in any or more of these colours. But do it with organic Holi colours! Chemical-based colours kill our marine life and harm our waters. Beginning with how much of our effort and water they waste when […]

Who needs you, Shiva?: A Queen Questions

Mallika Sarabhai needs little introduction. The only real problem with introducing her is in wondering which tag to put first – dancer, writer, choreographer, activist… The list extends itself with time. At the Bharatanatyam performance she staged with her son, Revanta, Mallika Sarabhai presented a very provoking poem penned by her. The poem questioned the […]

Namamee at Kala Ghoda tomorrow

I write with great pride and joy of tomorrow’s Odissi recital by Shreya Sabharwal and Mitali Varadkar, two young but highly talented danseuses. They will be performing at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival tomorrow evening. Odissi is inarguably one of India’s most exquisite dance forms. Immortalised in the temples of Konarak, in the art and […]

Republic Day India

The Soldier’s Job

Does the soldier really spend his time and energy pondering over whether or not Pakistani artists will feature in Indian films or not? Does he – who has the most crucial jobs in India – care as to which actor bags which role in which production? No. He continues to do his job. A job […]

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Saving for a non-rainy day

Endless cups of masala-laden tea have been consumed, with deep-fried snacks as invariable partners in crime. Trigger happiness has exposed a million monsoon pictures across the board. And yes, all taxes have been filed and all investments have been duly made to make one a law-abiding citizen.┬árainwater harvesting, goregaon After all these activities that occupy […]