Cheer comes close to home!

Joy to the world, and more to our share of it! I was scouting around for all those people doing special things to make Christmas merrier for our neighbourhood. And I was happy to discover that we have so much enthusiasm to partake in and make this season more enjoyable.

From fun activities to handmade Xmas memorabilia, from rum-soaked fruit cakes to gingerbread cookie – it’s all there to do, indulge in and remember!

Here’s a lowdown for you of all that’s happening in Goregaon East’s cheery localities –

Be a smart cookie at Oberoi Mall this Christmas. Shop at the friendly neighbourhood mall for beyond ₹3000 and you get a chance to make your own Christmas cookie. With a special cookie counter created for the occasion, it could be fun to try this with your kids. And of course, the little fortune titbits inside the cookies lead you onto more surprises and wishes.

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Grab all the goodies you can think of from Bombay Bakery Wala. You know Christmas is really around the corner when you step into a pastry chef’s workplace off Film City Road. I came face-to-face with a real array of festive goodies at Bombay Bakery Wala’s cake studio.

The Bombay Bakery Wala Xmas cake

Run by the very talented Abhiru Biswas, who was an advisor at Barry Callebaut , the products here showcase the passion that the chef has for his work. Made with love, his studio is churning out Xmas cakes, muffins, brownies, cookies, chocolates and all such. Catering to various corporates all over the city, including those in Goregaon east, Biswas customises cakes and hampers for his clients. He is only too happy to include more local residents in his clientele and is perhaps the only one around making an eggless Xmas cake!

Prices: Xmas cake: ₹1000 per KG; Xmas cake with cheese cream centre: ₹ 300 for 300 gms; Xmas muffins: ₹50 each; Xmas ginger cookies: ₹300 per KG
To contact Bombay Bakery Wala call 022 2842 3789 or order via /
Instant delivery, free within Goregaon east for minimum orders of 500

Buy handmade crochet Xmas souvenirs and decorative pieces and make it a season to remember. The lovely Anuya Majumdar, resident of Raheja Sherwood, can really weave crochet wonders.

Crocheted Santa magnets and keychains by Anuya

Playing with yarn is her passion and her creations can really leave you on pins and needles for more. Her darling Xmas turnouts are Santa magnets, stocking key chains and more memorabilia with Xmas fare. The doughnut key chains will make sure that you never forget your keys!

Price: ₹60 per magnet / keychain
To contact Anuya call 9820054377

Getting cheesy can hardly be helped, what with one of the finest cheesecake crafters being right in the vicinity. Shruti Jalan of The Cheesecake Republic at Yashodham sure made me drool when she scooped up all that her kitchen has plated for Christmas.

The Cheesacake Republic’s Xmas cheesecake

The Xmas Cheesecake with cranberries, strawberries, raisins, plums – all soaked in spiced rum – meets the signature cheesecake concoction. The Cheesecake Republic’s self-appointed finest offering is the Hummingbird Cake. A moist cake filled with pineapples, bananas and pecan nuts, layered with an all-cream cheese frosting, this is something you’d like to dig into to celebrate the birth of a much-beloved god!

Prices: Xmas cheesecake: ₹1800 per KG
Hummingbird cake: ₹1400 for 1.3 KG (approx.)
To contact The Cheesecake Republic call 9820401012 or 9820302204
Orders need to be pre-booked

Xmas cake jars by Lil Miss Baker

Treat yourself to a personal portion of Christmas delight with Lil Miss Baker’s very delectable creations. Meenal, the lady behind this wonderful local pastry brand, offers cake push-up pops is red velvet and cream cheese versions. These go best with all Xmas décor and moods alike.

The dessert cake jars are packed in varied flavours – peppermint cookie, red velvet-and-cream-cheese, blueberry, you name it. I suggest you stock up on these and go them when you need to just relax and unwind while watching your favourite Xmas flick. And if you have withdrawal pangs on Boxing Day, keep a couple of boxes of this missy’s sinful rum balls handy!

Lil Miss Baker, located at Raheja Heights, also offers Bundt cakes with toffee sauce, for those of you craving some festive nostalgia.

Prices: Dessert cake jars: ₹240 per jar; Cake push-up pops: ₹30 per piece; Bundt cakes: ₹250 each; Rum Balls: ₹300 for a box of 6
To contact Lil Miss Baker call 9920524371

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