Out of the Closet: Personal Power Branding #5

In the fifth and final of a superbly-impactful blog series called Personal Power Branding by our guest blogger, Kalyani Kamble, we have her guiding us in a Vogue Detox.

How to evaluate, declutter and re-organise your wardrobe efficiently – that’s what you’ll learn here.

Kalyani is India’s leading Life Coach, Image Consultant and Neuro Linguistic Programmer.Her tips help readers revamp and redefine themselves, giving a new sense of confidence and style. In her last post Colour Me Right, Kalyani wrote a very insightful piece on using the colour spectrum to your advantage. 

This week, GHP has Kalyani Kamble guide readers on a wardrobe evaluation journey. Enjoy the trip! – Anushree


‘Oh God, I have nothing to wear!, ‘Can you please give me some space in your wardrobe, I have none’. ‘My life is not as messy as this wardrobe. Or is it?’ Silently raise your hand, if you’ve said any of these statements at least once in your life. Don’t worry, my hand is up too.

This brings me to my topic of discussion for this blog, Out of the Closet. All this while, we’ve only been discussing about how to buy the right clothes. Now we will talk about letting go of clothes and then how to go about some smart shopping. And yes… please put your hands down now!


While clothes don’t define an individual, they certainly help build character. A psychologist from a well-known institute in New York claims to tell you 5 things about your personality after having one glance at your wardrobe. So what I’m about to share with you will not only make your life simpler but will also clear up some mental space and make you feel light – A vogue detox, you can call it. Here are the steps for Wardrobe Evaluation.

  • Declutter

As the term suggests, “declutter” means to get on a cleaning spree for your wardrobe. So it’s finally time to do that dreary thing that you’ve been procrastinating. Have your entire wardrobe laid out in front of you and then start removing those wardrobe orphans – the clothes you’ve purchased because it had a 70% sale tag on it, but you never ended up wearing it.

  • Take the 1 year Break-Up Challenge

I would say, 6 months, but let’s take baby steps. Make up your mind and take a firm decision that you will let go of everything that you have not worn or used for over a year. “No, but I’ll wear that during a wedding.” Well, I’m sure there have been at least 5 weddings that may have happened in that year and if you haven’t worn it yet, it’s time to bid farewell. You can always make an exception for vintage pieces and clothes which have sentimental value.

  • Section them up!

First, make a priority list in terms of what clothes you need on a daily basis. Formals, Indian Wear, Casual Clothes etc. Now divide your clothes accordingly. This will save you the everyday morning hassle of making your mind up. When you have the segregation in place then everything else becomes like a piece of cake.

  • Capsule Wardrobe

Now this is a fairly new term in the fashion market. Capsule wardrobe by definition means a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you love to wear. This literally forms the skeleton of your wardrobe.

Example of a capsule wardrobe from a formals perspective.

3 Blazers

3 Pants

4 Plain T-shirts

4 Shirts

2 Skirts

You get the drill. Now every morning you just wake up and mix and match. Imagine the time you will save and moreover the peace of mind that is achieved simply by shortlisting the right pieces.

  • Now Sit Back & Relax

You can now sit back, relax and breathe and probably practise some yoga or another form of workout in the time that you will now be savings.


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