Colour Me Right: Personal Power Branding Series #4

In the fourth of an exciting 5-series blog posts called Personal Power Branding Series by our guest blogger, Kalyani Kamble, we discuss Colour Combinations that enhance our personal imaging and grooming.  Kalyani is India’s leading Life Coach, Image Consultant and Neuro Linguistic Programmer.

Kalyani’s guidance helps readers revamp and redefine themselves, giving a new sense of confidence and style. In her last post on Body Shapes – Shape of You, Kalyani wrote a very insightful piece on understanding and dressing as per our individual body types

This week, she shares her tips on using the world of myriad colours perfectly, to turn out smart and confident.

The world around us is all about colour: Colourful trees, butterflies, flowers, rainbows and what-not. Nature has its own colour schemes, its own combinations. Be it the 7 colours of a rainbow (VIBGYOR) or butterflies. We notice these colours when our mind is open and we try to use them in our outfits too.

Combinations of few colours along with prefect accessories can make us look very attractive. These are inseparable elements. Partners forever. Minimal accessories, with the right combination of clothes and makeup do wonders.

And how do we do it? We are going to learn just that in this blog post!

Basics of clothing

Black combines with nearly everything. Depending on your complexion, try to avoid combining it with other dark colors such as dark blue or brown.

White goes perfectly with all colours, especially when combined with black. Combine white clothes with darker tone clothes, but avoid lighter tones, for example with a light tone of yellow.

Blue is one of the main colours in most wardrobes. Electric blue, Cobalt blue are few of the tones now available.

Prints: Do not wear two printed items at the same time. Instead, combine a printed cloth with a solid coloured one.

Accessorising tips

 1) Mix cold colours (green, blue, indigo, violet, etc.) with silver accessories and warm colours (red, orange, yellow, etc.) with golden accessories.


2) While accessorising try to wear a neck piece or earring that will create more interest closer to your face.


3) Wear your shoes and bag in the same colour. It is not at all compulsory, but if your look is of a single colour, combining the shoes and the bag may give a fun touch to your outfit. Avoid combining more than three different colors.

The Colour Wheel

The colour wheel is an excellent wardrobe tool which will help you to get new and really beautiful fashion combinations.

Make combos like yellow and yellow-orange; yellow and yellow-green; violet, blue-violet, etc.

These are next to each other in the wheel. Similarly, 90 degree angles with each other i.e yellow and red-orange; blue and violet-red; green and orange, etc.

Likewise; blue, orange, and violet-red form a “T pattern”.

The Colour Wheel can also be used for makeup palettes.


The Colour Family:

Colours that are a part of a colour family also apply. So for instance, you can substitute pink with red and still be able to pull off the combos based on the colour wheel. In the below picture red is substituted with pink and on the color wheel at 90 degree it forms a combination with yellow green.

Happy dressing and accessorising, everyone! Do let me know if this has helped you!


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    • Hi Carlemita, if you read the following paragraph – Colour Family – it informs that ‘Colours that are a part of a colour family also apply. So for instance, you can substitute pink with red and still be able to pull off the combos based on the colour wheel’.

      You would find pink within the red family, then.

      Hope that answers you’re query.

      Thanks for writing in!

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