Connie Larkin Comes to Goregaon: Why You Should Be Excited

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Describing Connie Larkin is no simple task. So, highlighting what she can do for you as a person would be a better route to take. With her Time Master workshop, she has helped people find power, peace and freedom to get more out of their every day. With her Instant Success course, she chalks a path of intensive and effective means to create success in professional life. And, her piece de resistance is the PhotoReading® workshop that brings one to an unbelievable level of reading an entire book in 7 minutes!

When Connie Larkin does all of this for her participants, it’s not a superficial session whose learnings just float away. She reaches into the depths of your being, your consciousness and your unconscious self to completely revamp your thought processes, habits and cognition. Feel like a pre-schooler? You might as well be. Because meeting Connie Larkin does mean restarting life. Just like she did, when she was 28 years old.

Read her book You, asshole, YOU Caused It and you’d want to re-start life!

Who is Connie Larkin?

As an International Leadership and Business Coach, the Romania-born Connie has garnered a formidable reputation. Ask her if she’s a Life Coach, a trainer or a spiritual guide and she stares right back at you and says, “I’m none of these”. It’s in Ontological studies that Connie finds her firm place. Yes, I had to Google this myself to learn that Ontology is the philosophy of being. It is the study of the concepts of existence, the ways of being and the inter-relations.

After an awakening of sorts that brought her to “really feel most alive”, when she was 28, Connie delved into reading philosophy to understand more and take more from her life. The energy, the rush and the spark that came about made her unstoppable. “I suddenly believed that I can do anything I wanted, achieve anything I set out to and connect with anyone I meet, at a very human level”, she shares. Today, almost 30 years later, equipped with her insights of ontological learning, she travels the world to meet people and make them aware of their innate freedom to be and to access their own potential and authenticity. It’s self-education that she believes can make one be most alive.

Connie Larkin’s rapt workshop audience

Connie’s participants have been as young as 13 years. She meets hundreds of professionals, entrepreneurs, way-seekers and leaders and activates an energy and positivity within them. It’s an energy to achieve one’s targets, to expand one’s life state and to be satisfied to the very core, that people are left with at the end of the day. Connie shoots down thoughts of the past, worries of expectations and conscious strategies that we mentally and emotional build as obstacles to a happy and wholesome life.

How Can You Benefit From Connie Larkin’s Course?

Connie is currently in Mumbai and already awakening people with her course TimeMaster – How To Have More Time For Yourself And The People That Matter To You.

A Connie-signed book – with Hindi, Hebrew and a Heart 🙂

All of this month, she will be conducting Instant Success – Communication Made Easy at various locations, including Goregaon east. This is a course designed to make one boost business skills without any effort and produce fast leaders. And then there’s also the much-raved-about PhotoReading session that can make you read more in a week than you would in a month. “It is a way of not just reading the words but of everything in the book getting into your entire being and consciousness and making itself a part of you”, Connie highlights. What you then read stays within you forever.

Enticed? Wait till you meet the real Connie Larkin in person. Her persona disarms you in the first five minutes. A conversation with her is peppered with Hebrew and Hindi. Her piercing eyes already see a better being for you before you have. So while you’re still trying to process the word “Ontology”, sign up for a course with Connie and grab a rare lifetime’s opportunity. It’s your chance to experience, live and work with that unbelievable lightness of, well, being!

-Anushree Chatterjee

Click here for complete details on Connie Larkin’s October 2019 courses in Mumbai.
Details of
Instant Success at Goregaon:
Date: 9th October, Wednesday
Venue: WeWork, Oberoi Commerz, Goregaon (E) 
Timing: 3 to 6 PM
2,500 per person (incl. GST)

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