Digital Detox: Free Workshop on Cyber Safety for Kids

Digital Detox

Social media has become an undeniable part of our lives. Its heavy impact and influencing power is a major concern for parents of young children. Vulnerable minds who are exposed to daily doses of Shares, Likes, Comments and more can be adversely affected in academics, career or personality. Worse, their lives could be at stake, a la Blue Whale.

Ami Savla and Dr Yash Hemani

Before you as a parent start fretting all over again, we suggest you head to Digital Detox. This workshop by Ami Savla and Yash Hemani is designed to help you and your child together. Learn the risks of social media overexposure, how to mitigate it, as well use social media to your unique advantage.

Who is organising Digital Detox?

Digital Detox is being facilitated by Dr. Yash Hemani, a Ph.D. from the University of Birmingham. He is a educator and student mentor. Dr. Hemani will share his deep insights into social media’s impact on a child’s mind, based on his experience as ex-faculty of Oberoi International School, Mumbai. He will be joined by Ami Savla, social media trainer and consultant and founder of Socialize Store. She has trained over 4000 people in social media marketing skills and continues to run workshops in Mumbai.

What to expect from Digital Detox

At Digital Detox, you and your child will co-learn the techniques to effectively utilise various social media platforms. DIY software to help students create their own presentations, posters, projects, etc., will also be explained. Cyber-bullying – another mammoth problem faced online – will be spoken about along with  tips on how to detect and prevent the menace.

Digital Detox will also discuss the various risks of social networking websites, the effect of social media on student psyche, language and education and the family guidelines for social media exposure.


You will also get first-hand knowledge of online etiquette – so that you and your child are more aware of cyber safety the next time she/he is working online. The world of social media is at once vibrant and villainous. Parents need to guide their young minds to see and benefit more from the former trait. The answer lies not in monitoring but empowerment.

Set your calendar for Sunday, 24 June from 10 am to 12.30 pm at CoWrks, Worli.
Entry is free for each parent-and-child pair, with children aged between 8-15 years.

– Katyayani Kapoor



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