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DIY Kids Crafts

DIY Kids Crafts to beat those monsoon blues!

Rain rain go away, come again another day. Rain is Nature’s most essential gift to Mother Earth. Nature’s best colours are seen during monsoon. Colours of sky, clouds, rainbow, trees and plants are truly inspiring to anyone.

In cities like Mumbai when you think Rain, the first picture that crosses your mind is of colourful umbrellas.

Here are some interesting ideas to make colourful crafty umbrellas with your lil ones. Enjoy these’DIY Kids Craft activities during rainy days. Don’t forget to sing some rainy-day songs!

DIY Kids Crafts – Umbrella craft 1

DIY Kids craftSupplies

White A4 sheet | Paints | Scissors | Glue | Black marker

How to make it

Mark outline of umbrella as shown in the picture.

Let kids paint it with their fingers, dabber brush, sponge dabbing or paint brush.

Let it dry and then fold it into half.

Cut along umbrella handle and edges marked with black marker.

Now make paper pleats like a hand fan and fold it once again into half. Stick inner side with glue and fold the handle like ‘u’ to make umbrella’s handle. Your umbrella is ready!

DIY Kids Crafts – Umbrella craft 2


Cupcake liner/muffin liner | Craft straw cleaners/old juice can straw | Glue

How to make it

Fold the cupcake liner into half. Make a tiny hole into it.

Pass the craft straw cleaner or juice can straw through the hole and stick with glue.

Now mould the straw to make umbrella’s handle.

DIY Kids Crafts – Umbrella craft 3 (3D umbrella card)


Assorted colour Chart papers | Glue | Marker

How to make it

Cut light colour of chart paper into a open greetings card size. Now fold it into half.

Take a bright colour chart paper and cut into a rectangle shape. Pleat the paper and fold into half. Stick inner side fold so that you get a hand fan shape.

Stick the outer side of the pleated paper inside the greetings card.

Draw the umbrella handle with a marker.  The 3D umbrella card is ready.

DIY Kids Crafts – Umbrella craft 4


Paper plate | Woollen thread | Blue chart paper | Glue | Paints

How to make it

Cut paper plate into half. If u already have printed paper plate then mark the border with a marker. Let kids paint paper plate if it’s plain paper plate. Let it dry.

Cut an umbrella’s handle from any coloured paper. Stick it behind decorated paper plate.

Now cut woollen tread into 4 of equal length. Stick it behind paper plate.

Draw and cut rain drop shapes from blue coloured paper and stick it on treads attached to the umbrella.

DIY Kids Craft – Umbrella craft 4 – 3D Rainbow craft


Coloured papers of seven rainbow colours | A4 sheet blue colour | Yellow colour chart paper | White colour chart paper | Glue | Sticking tape

How to make it

Cut seven Long stripes from colour chart papers for rainbow.

Draw and cut sun from yellow paper. Draw and a cloud from white chart paper.

Now stick seven stripes of rainbows as shown in the picture on A4 size sheet.

Stick sun cut out on top of rainbow and cloud cut out in bottom.


-Keta Jha


Keta Jha, the #DIYDame, is a young mother to a seven-year-old.

She has experience in early child education and an obvious passion for kids and their wholesome development.

Keta has been developing DIY art activities for kids for over 2 years now and loves to share her unique ideas with other enthusiastic moms!


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