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Animals Matter To Me

Volunteer at Animals Matter To Me at Malad west.
Be a voice for the voiceless.  

As animal lovers we may do our best to help strays in our area, but what happens to the ones that are in need of immediate medical attention or in need of help? That’s where the NGO Animals Matter To Me (AMTM) comes into the picture.

What is Animals Matter To Me?

Animals Matter To Me is not only an animal welfare NGO but also a rehabilitation centre for animals in distress. Their 1-acre property in Marve, Malad is home to almost 165 strays that’ve been a victim of accidents and or are handicapped, sick, and old or in very bad shape.

Ganesh Nayak, Founder, AMTM

AMTM founder Ganesh Nayak says, ‘Animals in the environment are a part of our lives but most people and corporate companies choose to help and support human welfare over an animal’s needs. Thanks to my humble upbringing, having compassion for the voiceless has always been in my blood. Helping animals, trees and the environment has been instilled right from my childhood and this is a continuous process for me. I began by running a small 200 sq ft cattery in 2010 and today I and my team are working on a total space of 850,000 sq ft in Mumbai and Vithalwadi near Kolad in Maharashtra’.

AMTM uses contributions from individuals and organisations alike, to provide food and medical attention to animals, reptiles & birds in need.

The facility in Malad is equipped with a fully operational OPD with highly qualified in-house veterinary doctors. They are also extensively involved in rescue operations of animals & birds, fostering, adoption, medical aid, animal birth control, vaccination, feeding programs and creating awareness in the community.

The Golden Heart of this Matter

The Rehab manager at AMTM, Manisha Yadav says, ‘The animals that come here are like our babies and we don’t want anyone messing with them. That’s why we are very particular about the adoption process and ensure that the animals are going into caring and loving homes. We conduct home visits and also make sure that the animals are not used for breeding purposes’.

The AMTM team

The Upcoming Kolad Shelter

AMTM has also developed an animal sanctuary in Kolad which will offer visitors some unique experiences.  Ganesh says, ‘Visitors can enjoy in the natural surroundings of a beautiful water-body and indulge in a host of activities like trekking, cycling, bird-watching, farming with your own hands which is a great stress-buster, and most importantly volunteer to help out with all animals from a cat to an elephant’.

Ganesh says that the idea behind this property was to provide a cage-free experience for all animals along with offering an outlet for busy Mumbaikars to de-stress in a natural environment. He adds, ‘We currently have 1 acre of land in Mumbai on rent. Since space in the city is extremely expensive and we wanted more area for animals to roam freely, we purchased land in Vithalwadi which is just 8 km before Kolad. Along with an animal sanctuary we wanted to include activities for stressed-out Mumbaikars and corporate companies who can have team-building activities for their employees’.

While the animal sanctuary near Kolad will be functional in the next 10 to 12 months, AMTM is also opening up a cafe  right next to its Malad facility for visitors to come and spend time with the animals there.

How work with AMTM

You can contribute by either giving monetary donations that are directly used for the welfare of the animals at the centre or by becoming a volunteer at AMTM.

One can also contribute rice, grains, old newspapers, old bed sheets, towels, cleaning materials like Phenol and Dettol. As a volunteer, you can help by learning the basic processes of animal care and help out in daily chores. It could include cleaning and bathing the animals, taking them for a walk and learning basic first aid etc.

As a volunteer for the Kolad facility, you can also help design and decorate the entire sanctuary!

As AMTM takes on the huge responsibility of rehabilitating and caring for animals in need, we as citizens can do our bit by spreading the word and can lend a hand in making the world a better place for all living beings.



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