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The Doll House Goregaon
The Doll House Goregaon

The Doll House Co. is founded and nurtured by Goregaon-based designer, Supriya Baikerikar. This graphic designer combines her professional and maternal experience to create wooden doll houses that go far beyond the ordinary playthings available today.

‘Everyone dreams of a place meant just for them. A space which you can decorate, visit and maintain and also display with pride’, says Supriya Baikerikar, founder of Doll House Co. No matter how hard you try to fight stereotypes in children, one does notice them trying to emulate their parents.

The doll house goregaonMost girls will mimic their mothers first as home makers and then as professionals. When Supriya’s own 4-year-old daughter started emulating her, the mother wanted to give her a space to create an world for herself. Thus was born Doll House Co. To give young children wonderful opportunities to explore, create, imagine and learn – all keeping in mind space constraints of the urban setup.

The journey towards a perfect doll house began with the disappointment at what was available in the market – heavy plastic or shabby cardboard structures that were impractical to store or play with. ‘The absence of detailing bothered me too’, reveals Supriya.

A eureka moment led her to design a perfect house out of lightweight wood. Complete with wallpapered rooms, lights in every chamber, and windows on hinges that allow more creativity – it’s all there.

For Supriya, the eye for detail made it very essential that every aspect of a make-believe world, that imitates the real world, had to be perfect to the T.

Innumerable parents want the same for their kids, there’s no denying that. The Doll House Co. makes many a little girls’ dreams come true.

The Doll House Co is also coming up with parking stations, Lego areas, Hot Wheels racks and Avengers incorporated houses for boys.

These products are perfect for gifting for an age group of 2 years and above. Such play is known to encourage imagination and creativity, life skills, fine motor skills, problem solving and classification or organisational skills.

The products range from single to four-storeyed houses. They are perfectly sized for Barbie figures and their accessories to fit in. Made from Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), these houses are sturdy, long lasting and customised. The basic structures start from 3 feet high and 2.5 feet width. Smaller ones can also be made.

Vaishali Gupta had ordered a doll house for her niece’s 5th birthday. ‘The house was delivered to her at midnight. I got exactly what I was promised. Amazing finish, a house designed just as we had discussed and timely delivery. Worth the amount I spent!’ she states.

The Doll House Co. products range from ₹13,000 upto ₹55,000.

Tina Faria, who ordered a doll house for a 5-year-old says ‘It was the best gift we could have given her – unique and apt for her age. I am so glad we did this instead of individually giving her smaller gifts’.

Supriya Baikerikar, founder, The Doll House Co.

The Doll House Co. wins customers for more reasons than quality, craft and a solid gift. The doll houses can also double up as storage for books – a mini library of sorts – and other toys and trinkets at a later stage. So if you think this is a limited enjoyment purchase, think again.

The Doll House Co. is exhibiting their products at the upcoming 360 – The Kids Wellness Festival at CCI, Churchgate on Nov 4 and 5, 2017.





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