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Durga Puja in Goregaon is marked with a melange of festivities, an aura of devotion and a feeling of joyousness. The neighbourhood is dotted with Navratri celebrations from September 29 to October 7 – nine nights of splendour to celebrate a Goddess who is the culmination of all things mighty and noble. From the fifth day of Navrarti, October 4th , Durga Puja as per the Bengali tradition begins.

There are much-awaited Durga Puja celebrations in Goregaon, in east and west neighbourhoods. Open to all and therefore sarbojanin, Durga Puja in Goregaon marks the time to welcome Maa Durga and her dear four children. With Lakshmi, Ganesh, Saraswati and Kartik, Maa Durga arrives to warm welcomes, deep obeisance and open-hearted celebrations. We all pay our homage and lay our hearts for this goddess, as a family does for a daughter who visits her home.

The fascinating preparations of Maa Durga’s clay idols

Beginning October 4th, Durga Puja in Goregaon will be all abuzz with joy. It’s all about gaiety from morning to evening, gorging on Bhog and other delectable Bengali delicacies, basking in the cultural revelry and pandal­ – hopping with family and friends. All of this under the divine expansive presence of Maa Durga.

What you must enjoy at any and every Durga Puja in Goregaon

Among the special events during the course of five days include the Dhunochi Dance. One of the most prominent and invigorating aspects Durga Puja, this sees dancers holding aloft clay lamps filled with smoking incense and dancing with joy for Durga Maa’s presence.

Shondhi Pujo

Another must-see is Shondhi Pujo. An auspicious ritual that marks the transition from Asthami to Navami, 108 clay lamps illuminate Maa Durga’s Puja as special prayers and feasts are offered to her. It’s an unforgettable experience at Durga Puja.

Here’s how you can celebrate and enjoy your Durga Puja in Goregaon.

Aparajita Mahila Welfare Association Durgotsav – Sai Baba Complex | October 4 – 8

For 16 years now, a formidable association of women, Aparajita Mahila Welfare Association, organises a beautiful Durgotsav. Entirely arranged and executed by ladies who work all year long towards the empowerment of women, it is a Durga Puja in Goregaon to really look forward to. This year, the venue has moved to Landmark Hall in Sai Baba Complex at Goregaon east.

durga puja in goregaon east
Bedecked Maa Durga and her children at Durga Puja

Close to 40 women of all ages form the core group Aparajita, for whom the annual Durga Puja in Goregaon is a hallmark socio-cultural activity. Aparajita is also preparing for Narishakti, an event to encourage women entrepreneurs and talent, on November 9th. I will share more details with you soon!

Beginning with Bodhon

The Durga Puja will be inaugurated by bodhon , a beautiful little ritual that marks the beginning of Puja on Shashti (Friday, Oct 4th). Bodhon is the invocation of the divine goddess and her family after which her auspicious presence is instilled in the Puja rituals and premises at large. A large thali of water is placed in front of Maa Durga’s idol and catching her reflection in the water is a special treat. It’s in a fraction of a second that a bedecked idol enters your humble being.

Pushpanjali and Bhog:

Pushpanjali is the trademark ritual of offering prayers with fresh flowers and shlokas recited by the presiding priest or priestess. Any man, women or child, from any caste or creed can offer Pushpanjali. This Durga Puja in Goregaon, it will begin by 12 noon on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, followed by bhog as lunch for all.

Cultural Activities:                       

From October 4 to 7, Aparajita Mahila Welfare Association Durgotsav Puja in Goregaon will stage engaging cultural performances in the evenings. These include musical evenings and traditional dance shows by members of the Association. “This year’s highlights include Kolkatta’s Jalsha dancing troupe on Saptami (October 5th) and a Baul performance the next day”, Sarbari Bagchi, secretary of the Association shares.

There will also be several stalls to get a fill of sarees, accessories, traditional Bengali items and more.

Venue: Landmark Party Hall, Sai Baba Complex, Goregaon East 
Map It

New Dindoshi Sarbojanin Durga Puja – New MHADA Colony, NNP |October 3 – 8

I personally appreciate this Durga Puja in Goregaon, another one executed with the sincerity and simplicity of devotees living in and around New MHADA Colony. For five years now, New Dindoshi Sarbojanin Durga Puja invites one and all to “seek the limitless blessings of our beloved Doshobhuja Durga Maa”.

Beginning with Bodhon

New Dindoshi Sarbojanin Durga Puja will also begin its festivities from October 4 with the Bodhon ceremony, followed by an Anand Mela with food and shopping stalls.

Pushpanjali and Bhog:

Pushpanjali, the formal ritual of offering prayers with flowers, will begin at 12 noon on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, followed by bhog as lunch for all.

Cultural and other special activities: 

This year’s attractions include musical performances in the evenings by Sadhana Sargam (Oct 4th), Niladri Debnath (October 5th) and Sanjeevani Bhelande (October 7th). A special highlight to witness is a Baul Music showcase on Sunday, October 6th in the evening.  

Image may contain: one or more people and text
Cultural Schedule for NDSDP 2019

Enroll the kids in a free pottery and a origami workshop on October 5th and 6th, respectively. Connect with the team at NDSDP for registrations.

This year, on October 3rd, there will also be a fun Anondo Mela in the evening in the same premises. Head there for some foodie indulgence and fun-filled options for all ages.

Venue: Mrinaltai BMC ground, near Mantri Park Circle, New Dindoshi, Goregaon east.
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NDSDP on Facebook:

Alta Monte Sarbojonin Durgotsav| October 2 – 8

This is a relatively new yet wonderfully organised Durga Puja near Goregaon. It’s been initiated by the residents of Alta Monte in Malad east (very, very close to Goregaon east!) A homely, simple but heartfelt affair is what it is.

Beginning with Bodhon

“The puja will begin on October 4 with the Bodhon in the evening. There will be cultural performances in dance and music conceptualised and performed by organising members”, Debashree Dinda, a key organiser tells me.

Pushpanjali and Bhog:

Pushpanjali will be there at 12 noon on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, followed by bhog as lunch for all.

All that’s in store for you at Durga Puja in Alta Monte

Cultural and other special activities: 

Indulge in some traditional floor-painting, Alpona at this Durga Puja. This is amazing rice-paste patterns you see adorning Durga Pujas and Bengali houses during festive days. Deftly rendered by hand and heart by women, do try this.

There will be a Little Champions Progam on October 3rd and an Anand Mela on October 2nd.

Venue: Alta Monte, P3, Tower C (entry point), Malad east
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Dashami, Dussehra and we’re Done!

The final day of Durga Puja, October 8th,  is a day of mixed emotions. Devotees who welcomed  Maa Durga to their homes and hearts have to now bid farewell to her. They send her back ina  celebratory mood of Shidur Khela. Women – most often married women – are lucky enough to get up close to the idols as they anoint them with splendorous vermillion or sindoor, offer sweets and small gifts to the deities before they leave. Some teary-eyed, some heavy hearted and yet thankful for the five days of pure bliss.

Ladies bidding Maa Durga and her family adieu
on Dashami

You can queue up for this event from 11 am onwards at both these Durga Pujas in Goregaon if you want to have your little private moment with the Divine.

The final day, Dashami has its own humbling and mesmerising effect on you and leaves a sense of oneness with the Gods that stays until the next Durga Puja frames your next calendric year. That, in essence – is the significance of the Durga Puja – Pujo as it is for Bengalis.

Let the sounds of Dhak uplift your senses in and out, and let the magical Dhunochi Naach cast its spell on you. Let these five days be your gateway to the Goddess’ spirit within. Happy Durga Puja to you and yours!

-Anushree Chatterjee

All Durga Puja in Goregaon east schedules courtesy Aparajita Mahila Welfare Association DurgotsavNew Dindoshi Sarbojanin Durga Puja and Alta Monte Sarbojonin Durgotsav Facebook pages.
Shondhi Pujo image source: imaegopolis.com: Shyamal Biswas

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