Earth Day Special: Everything Eco

Earth Day 2018

Celebrating Earth Day 2018 on Goregaon Highway Pulse, we salute the work of ecopreneurs in Mumbai. 

26-year-old Anu Pillai, founder of Everything Eco, talks to GHP about her eco-venture. Her labour of love is barely a year old and yet is boosting eco-sensitivity in the city. Everything Eco aggregates sustainable and eco-friendly products for sale in this maximum city. By bringing all eco-friendly products under one roof, Everything Eco enables Mumbaikars to lead a sustainable lifestyle in the easiest manner possible.


Anu Pillai, Founder: Everything Eco
Anu Pillai, Founder: Everything Eco

Tell us how and when you started Everything Eco.

Everything Eco started in September 2017 with an aim to promote sustainable living amongst Mumbaikars.  I realised that if I built a marketplace connecting the products to the shoppers, I could enable people to follow a sustainable lifestyle in the easiest manner.

What attracted you to start an eco-venture such as this?

During my market research phase, I was stunned to learn that even in a metropolitan city like Mumbai, eco-friendly products were hard to come by. Although people want to follow a sustainable lifestyle, the unavailability often forces them to opt for plastic products.

Be it eco-friendly disposable cutlery or recycled products, we have ample options which unfortunately haven’t reached the masses.

Compostable Bin Liners (₹250/ 30 pieces)

Give us an idea of the range of products available via Everything Eco.

Currently, I deal in compostable dustbin liners by Truegreen, recycled paper pencils by Bhoomi and pens and disposable cutlery made from Bagasse and Areca leaves.

Recycled paper pencils have enabled children to go eco-friendly. With the recycled paper pens, it’s the adults’ turn. They are a perfect alternative to plastic pens. These pens are made from recycled newspaper and have seeds of Agastya tree at the bottom. You can plant your pen once you have finished using it and watch the seeds bloom! Only the refill is made of plastic.

Areca Leaf Plate (₹12 piece)

Where do you source these products? How to do ensure they are eco-friendly?

Areca Leaf products are sourced from south India as they have huge plantations there. Our products do not emit any toxins during the manufacturing process and we use raw materials that are bio-based or have been recycled, thereby helping conserve the environmental resources.

What is your target market?

Anyone who wants to do their bit for planet Earth! From a school-going kid to the corporate maverick, our daily utility products can be used by anyone in a family.

Plantable Pens (₹20/ piece)

What has been the response to your products, so far?

Compostable dustbin liners and recycled paper pencils have been the biggest sellers so far. It’s heartening to see how keen people are to make the “green” switch.

What are your future eco-plans? 

We aim to expand our reach and increase the ease of accessibility so that no household in Mumbai has to ever “settle” for plastic items.


Facebook page: Everything Eco 

Call: 8087180464





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