Earth Day 2019: Create Green Gold At Home

earth day

Goregaon resident, Sarita Hari features on the GHP Mumbai Earth Day special. Over the last four years, she has been harvesting “green gold” in her house. Curious? Read on…

When Waste Turns On a Want

Sarita Hari, a pre-primary teacher, taught herself how to make “green gold”. She observed the amount of waste coming from her kitchen on a daily basis. Vegetable peels, fruit skins and the like got her wondering if something useful can come out if this.

earth day
Composting Bucket – all it takes to begin

She began researching online, checking out videos on kitchen waste and reuse. She came to the conclusion of creating compost at home. ‘It all started with 2 simple buckets’, Sarita tells me. She began to follow the step-by-step method of the green-brown combination for home composting. Within a couple of months, Sarita began creating  fertile compost that now benefits her own kitchen garden. How’s that for an Earth Day 2019 story?

Within the limited space of a normal 2BHK in Mumbai, this lady composts and harvests tomatoes, gourd, capsicum and the like – on a regular basis. This is a lesson in small-scale sustainability.

A Constant Garderner

Sarita’s modest balcony space is a treasure trove of apartment farming. Jostling with each other are a 6-month-old tomato plant, a verdant bottle gourd, pumpkin, red radish and some bell pepper “crop”. 12 x 12 boxes are proving to the world that one doesn’t need an expanse of land to start a project of plenty.

earth day
Tomatoes growing in Sarita’s balcony

It takes determination, learning from one’s own situation and the willingness to wait.

earth day

Sarita today advises many on composting at home, waste management and home gardening. ‘Several friends and neighbours come to take coco peat from me for their own kitchen gardens’, she shares.

Is she running a zero-waste house? Not yet, she admits. She points how a lot of regular groceries and grains still come in plastic packaging. This is difficult to avoid in the regular urban setup. Yet, what Sarita has achieved over the years remains commendable. These are victories to celebrate on Earth Day.

I sure have heard of many who begin with green practices like these. But a lot of this fizzles out, given time and bandwidth issues. I hope we regain our drive from Sarita’s story and make more efforts to turn household waste into natural wealth. Happy Earth Day!

Anushree Chatterjee

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