Earth Day 2019: Take The Solar Express


On Earth Day 2019, GHP Mumbai focuses on a solar energy company that’s helping to save Earth, one panel at a time.

Meet Pooja Salvi, a Goregaon resident on the eco path. She and her partner, Amit Singh, are the founders of Solarize Solar Solutions. The duo has been behind many major solar panel installations in the country.  

What is Solarize Solar Solutions?

Providing Solar Panels in Villages

Solarize Solar Solutions specialises in designing and installing high-performance photo-voltaic systems (PV). It provides solar energy panels for homes, industries and public sectors. A huge benefit of this is economised electricity bills and environment friendly life.

The company offers a wide range of solar energy products like solar water pumps, solar water heaters and solar street lights. Solar Rooftop System can be installed anywhere to reduce dependence on grid electricity, especially in remote areas.

Solarize Solar Solutions follows a step-by-step approach for the installation of a solar plant. After site visit and free inspection, the team designs the solar equipment and installs it.

A five-year free after sales service is also provided. All products are used from reputed manufacturing companies in India.

The company has installed several solar plants in Rajasthan, Mumbai , Haryana, Chandigarh. One special project is the solar street light installation for CEAT.

Why We Should Swear by Solar Energy

A solar traffic light

Installing rooftop system can save fuel up to ₹56,000 per year! Solar street lights are designed to work throughout the night – even when the sun isn’t bright for a couple of days. These offer economical and environment friendly light source.

Solar water pumps help in irrigation of fields, without causing any pollution. It draws water from ponds, rivers and wells. Solar water heaters are cost effective to generate hot water at home. This reduces 140 litres of diesel, along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Who Is Solarize Solar Solutions?

Pooja Salvi

An electronics engineer by profession, Pooja always wanted to do something different – something to benefit society largely. That’s when, about 3 years ago, she started trading solar panels, with a friend, Amit. Their main concern was to reduce pollution caused by fossil fuels and their depletion, for electricity. Solar is the most renewable energy to meet electricity demands.

Amit Singh

As Solarize Solar Solutions, they provide a valuable solar kit – comprising of a solar panel, battery, inverter and lamp – to villages. This kit helps villages devoid of electricity, so children can study. “Electricity is becoming expensive with each passing day and more people are harnessing solar energy to cut their power expenses. Power cuts and dependence on DG sets is making them look for more and better sources. Solar PV panels provide a good alternative”, Pooja highlights.

This Earth Day 2019, let’s go eco and really think about our Earth, before it is too late!

Sumedha Chopra

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