Enjoy a homemade Bengali lunch with Purabi Naha

How often have we been in this dilemma of wanting the food made at home to be “hotel jaisa”and the food at a restaurant to be “ghar jaisa”?! There are many who would agree. While we keep scouting for different food and experiences, we do want it all in a more intimate and authentic ambience. And what could be more welcoming than culinary experts who host you in their own homes, treat you to their specialities and engage you in an unforgettable experience?

Bridging the gap between food aficionados and home chefs is Indian Food Trail (IFT), a global platform that organises specially hosted meals for an intimate gathering. Over the last four months, it has been the stage for talented home chefs, who specialise in Indian cuisines and share their traditions and stories with you. IFT’s hosted lunches are a culinary exploration of India. Talking about IFT, co-founder Nayab Bookwala, says, ‘Indian food is often typecast as spicy curries or tikkas or more often just as north Indian or south Indian food. Indian Food Trail focuses on the diversity of regional cuisines through authentic home-cooked food. We believe a good home-cooked meal can never go wrong!’

Organising these special meals in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and more major cities, the spotlight is on inviting guests to try food that they would otherwise not get a chance to taste anywhere. IFT’s mission is to put a spotlight on the unique aspects of regional Indian cuisines on the global stage, in the homes of hand-picked home-chefs.

Food ambassadors curate the chefs and the entire dining experience to ensure that what if offered to guests is an experience of discovering new dishes, experiments with old recipes and efforts to revive and contemporise what has been lost from the gastronomy scene.

The coming Sunday will have Purabi Naha, award-winning food blogger and culinary expert hosting a Bengali lunch right within our neighbourhood! She is known for her innovative recipes, constant exploration of varied cuisines and her work on adapting Indian recipes for the more global palate and throwing light on the diversity of Indian food, through Cosmopolitan Currymania.

Top: Nolen Gurer Shondesh ice cream; Middle: Shorshe Murgir Jhol (left), Aam Porar Shorbot (right); Bottom: Purabi Naha (left), Hemant Mandaliya (middle), Nayab Bookwala (right)

The lunch this Sunday, Gram Banglar Bhoj, is gearing up to serve some highly promising fare, with more than a dozen items on the menu. Overwhelmingly listed out, it sure seems like a labour of extreme love and passion, undertaken by a chef who is only too happy to have her guests enjoy a meal of uniqueness. From drinks to starters, mains and then dessert, it promises to be an extraordinary journey that Purabi and IFT are the eager guides for. Apart from crunchy fritters and bhaja, varied fish, meat and seafood preparations, the pièce de résistance will be Purabi’s signature Nolen Gurer Shondesh ice cream.  This is made with the aromatic date-palm jaggery and shondesh and is served with a liquidy date-palm jaggery, called jhola gur.

If this hasn’t got you salivating and clicking away to book your seats, it would further interest you to know that while Indian Food Trail has added a new chapter to the social dining story, what makes it more appealing is its pledge to donate a meal for needy children for every meal sold on the platform. Elaborating on this initiative, co-founder Hemant Mandaliya shares, “We have a strong leaning towards social good. We feel strongly about the malnutrition epidemic in India and our Food Karma initiative is a step towards that.”

Go ahead and check out the complete details of the lunch and make sure you get there. I hope to see a lot of you at Purabi’s this Sunday!


Indian Food Trials hosts Gram Banglar Bhoj with Purabi Naha

Date and Time: Sunday, February 19, 2017; 12 30 to 2 30 pm

Venue: Oberoi Exquisite, Goregaon E (Full details will be available after bookings are confirmed)

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