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This weekend at Goregaon, a home cooked Kashmiri lunch awaits

The weather has already won you over, hasn’t it? And the chances are strong that you’re celebrating the monsoon with food, food and more food! Well, how about making that a stronger celebration with some authentic home-cooked Kashmiri food? #weekend goregaon home cooked kashmiri lunch

Home chef Jasleen Marwah’s Kashmiri lunch pop-up is tomorrow – Sunday, July 2 at her residence in Goregaon west. Hosted by Authenticook, this meal promises to create a memorable monsoon Sunday memory.

With her brand, Namak Swaad Anusaar, Jasleen has been dishing out truly authentic Kashmiri recipes. Her masalas and other such ingredients come from her hometown of Srinagar. Her recipes and preparations are stuff that her family’s hearth has kept alive through generations.

Jasleen Marwah

Her upcoming lunch tomorrow is going to be one meaty affair! The fresh chaas becomes a light teaser to a full-blown Kashmiri extravaganza, aptly called Zaika-e-Jannat. Slow-cooked mutton ribs  (Tabakh Maaz) is a mouth-watering appetiser that awaits diners and will be served mutton shorba, a meaty soup that will ease out your face-paced urban pulse.

Rogan Josh will undoubtedly  grace the table. One can hardly imagine a Kashmiri home-cooked meal without this fragrant stew of mutton. Going strong with the flavours of Kashmiri spices, red chillies and yoghurt, the Rogan Josh is synonymous with the wazwan that defines food from this Indian region.

More meat preparations that will be served include Maaz Yakhni – a hearty broth of mutton, spices and yoghurt – and Matschgand – which brings succulent balls of minced mutton into a spicy gravy.

Playing the balancing act is the dessert that’s a simple but delicious Kong Phirni. It’s a medley of rawa or semolina cooked in milk with dry fruits and aromatic saffron. Jasleen then carefully punctuates Zaika-e-Jannat with Kehwa, a typical Kashmiri green tea that’s brewed with almonds, cardamom and saffron. Works as a great digestive, I’m told.

During my brief chat with Jasleen, she told me how her life’s journey went from a career in media production to culinary trysts with her native cuisine. Pairing up with Authenticook and hosting these intimate but unforgettable meals have brought her delight and innate satisfaction. One can only imagine how these emotional nuances would translate into her carefully prepared wazwan.

If you want to be at this lunch, book your seats at on the Authenticook website. Since it’s at home, seats are limited. The exact address will be given once you have reserved your seats via online bookings.

Have a great Sunday lunch!


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