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Enrich Life , a newly launched book by Goregaon resident, author Preeti Pathak, brings you one step closer to a joyful existence.

After investing a decade in the corporate sector, Preeti took a long sabbatical and looked for more meaning to life – of helping people find happiness. She started her author’s journey with her debut book, 25 Essentials to Happy Living. Her latest, Enrich Life, is freshly launched this month. Here’s a 20-day way towards a fulfilling life for its readers.

Read GHP Mumbai‘s chat with Preeti Pathak to know more.

GHP: What was your inspiration to write Enrich Life?

PP: My inspiration to write comes from my spiritual guru, Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda. Through my books, inspirational writings and my latest book Enrich Life, I aspire to reach out to millions of people across the globe. I want to help readers discover the simplest route for a happy, balanced and fulfilled life.

GHP: How different is this book from 25 Essentials To Happy Living?

PP: Enrich Life is a sequel to 25 Essentials To Happy Living. The first book helps readers turn on the torchlight within, understand their own emotions, behaviour and attitudes prior to holding others responsible.

Enrich Life is a 20-day magical journey towards enriching one’s own self.
The book brings awareness to various aspects of the Self. It encourages acceptance of the Self. It guides to develop an action-plan and ameliorate benefits for a harmonious life in today’s challenging times.

GHP: Your book talks about affirmations. What is the role of affirmation?

PP: By continuous saying and believing in the affirmation, not only do we send an intention to our subconscious mind but also into the universe. And if your desire is strong; the Universe supports in fulfilling that desire.

GHP: The focus of the book is empowering the self. What are some of the techniques you can share here?

PP: Awareness, Acceptance, Action-Plan and Amelioration are the four pillars of Enrich Life. Through a 20-day step the book encourages readers to become aware and accept one’s self with love and dignity, just the way they are. To then experience magical benefits manifesting in one’s life through these efforts.  To empower the self, it is important to imbibe the habit of journaling, introspection and feeding our subconscious mind with positive affirmatives. One can see the process of enriching life from the inside out.

Enrich Life is available for purchase online

Sumedha Mathur

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