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With passion and expertise on child development, Dr Samir Dalwai and New Horizons Group could be the bridge over troubled waters that every new-age parent is trying to navigate.

Dr Samir Dalwai needs little introduction. More so in Goregaon east, where he makes great contributions to child development and health. One in every three parents has had their children treated by him at the Dalwai Nursing Home at some stage of their childhood or the other. As a Developmental Paediatrician and a strong advocate of child rights, he has touched the lives of many – young, old and older.

Championing holistic Child Development

Born and brought up in the neighbourhood of Goregaon east, Dr Dalwai, now President of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics – Mumbai, is also founder of New Horizons Group – NHG. Since its inception in 2003, this social venture social venture provides physical health, mental health and developmental services.

The vision of this 14-year-old institution is persuasively simple: Every Child Can Do Better. Acknowledging, appreciating and advocating the unique qualities of each and every child – that’s where it all stems from. “Whatever any child can do now, we believe he or she can do better”, states Dalwai – MD, DNB, DCH, FCPS, LLB. His passion is palpable, even in a brief 20-minute chat. It is seen and reflected in his able team and in the various child development programmes it has been running over these years.

NHG cites its mission as a social venture as From Label to Enable. It’s objective couldn’t be more lucid – creating value out if lives that would have otherwise just existed with labels and ignorant appellations.



Continuous Efforts of NHG

Notwithstanding the string of degrees, accolades and regular forums that vie for his expertise, Dr Dalwai’s commitment to child development is crystal clear and adamantine. He travels the world addressing topics like autism detection, cerebral palsy, schizophrenia, health and human rights, managing parental stress and anxiety and many more such. He and his team dedicate efforts to more synergy between today’s families. Parents and children, guardians and their wards and society and its future. The aim is to create, at the end of each day, a win-win situation for all. Holistic and sustainable child development.

Through research, collaborations and pertinent everyday practices and observations, NHG is able to identify and address several key problematic issues that parents are still reluctant to accept or change. These include lack of parent-child time together, overexposure of children to gadgets and screen entertainment and reduced parenting imagination.

childdevelopment_samir dalwai_goregaohhighwaypulse2Dr Dalwai is now keen on engaging parents in creative practices that can effectively draw their children away from screens and have them engaged more productively. Via systematic but simple workshops, awareness programs and more, NHG could be the bridge over troubled waters that every new-age parent is trying to navigate.

I was not only humbled to meet Dr Dalwai, visit and tour NHG but also inspired to join hands in this attempt for change.

Through GHP, I look to creating some interesting and meaningful opportunities that can benefit our community of parents and children. Until then, do check out this beautiful website and know more about New Horizons Group: http://www.enablemychild.org


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