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Ambergris India

We’ve heard of brands that touch your every sense – taste, touch and sight. They tailor the way you see things and feel them with your hands. Here’s something really path-breaking: a brand that tailors your experience of scent. We’re talking about Ambergris – India’s only fragrance experience creators.

What is Ambergris?

Ambergris is India’s only fragrance consultant.  As a brand, Ambergris assists and consults corporates, professionals and any individuals, to understand the world of perfumes and fragrances.

We all know how the right hint of frangipani or lemongrass can change our moods. One can go from wilting to wishful within a few seconds of smelling sandalwood. This is exactly what Ambergris aims to heighten and convey – what it calls “Liquid Emotions”. Sounds sensual, doesn’t it?

Think offices, homes, event spaces, retail zones that are using just the right notes of fragrance and intensity to give its occupants that perfect feeling of bliss, calm and positivity.

It’s also fascinating to know about the name “Ambergris”. This is a natural substance found in the saliva of sperm whales. Used as a fixative for fine perfumes, ambergris has been prized for centuries.

Who is Ambergris?

Madhurima Mazumdar, Ambergris

The Ambergris team is Madhurima Mazumdar and Vikram Rajgor. Both passionate fragrance lovers, they started Ambergris with the desire to make the Indian market more sensitive and more aware of perfumery experiences.

Madhurima has been passionate about all things fragrance since a young child. As she nosed her away about the world and all that she experiences, she realised her calling lay in perfumery. After a long marketing stint, she decided to sharpen her olfactory skills and expertise. Armed with a certification from Cinquieme Sense Paris, she now consults organisations and individuals on selecting the right fragrances.

Vikram too is a fragrance aficionado. After many heavenly experiences with international perfumes, wondered why India can’t have its own global brand. With Madhurima, he looks to create unique and unforgettable perfume experiences for Indians.

How Ambergris can help you

‘We are not “The Nose” and we never wish to be’, says the Ambergris team. What Ambergris helps you with is sharpening your own nose and leading in the right direction. With training programmes, appreciation workshops and consultancy master classes, Ambergris makes you understand your on liquid emotions.

Ambergris works with interior designers, Vaastu consultants, image consultants and grooming experts. Madhurima has conducted several training sessions. Ambergris has created signature fragrances for many major Indian brands for their commercial spaces. It is currently developing signature brand fragrances for an international automobile brand, an Indian clothing brand as well as a jewellery brand.

Studio Elena, Puranik Builders

On a personal level, Madhurima consults clients on the right perfumes to suit themselves as well as their homes. ‘I visit client’s homes, understand the nature and dynamics of the family, see the orientation of the spaces and then suggest fragrances to use’, she says in her lilting voice.

Madhurima’s passion for encouraging people to optimally use fragrances for health, happiness and prosperity is almost infectious. Wish there was a perfume to express that passion! Until then, do explore and find your own liquid emotions with Ambergris. Unbottle them and set your emotions free on fresh wafts of air each day.






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