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Father's Day

I belong to that extra-conservative Muslim family from Mumbai, which feels that it is the family’s inherent right to have the son or daughter married to a girl or boy of its choice.

My family is a large joint family consisting of 58 members. We have all been living in a chawl between Goregaon and Malad since the last 40 years. With a thriving family business, none of our family members had to work outside of this business.

Thankfully, my family abided by local laws, due to which I remained single till I was 21 years of age. After that, I was married the very next month – obviously, to a girl of my family’s choice. After 6-7 months, my wife and I prepared to start our own family.

After a while, a few individuals in my family business started struggling to dominate and become controlling masters. I started looking for a job outside and ultimately found one at Ezeego1 Travel and Tours and carve my own path for sake of my to-be-born child.

I don’t know from where I got the strength to begin and walk on a new path. I guess it is the responsibility as a husband and unconditional love as a father, which gives you unparalleled strength to walk a path that you have never taken before.

I cannot describe the day when my precious baby doll came to my life. Her tiny little hand, tiny little feet and cute face, and glowing smile… I was the proudest father, and vowed to become more responsible for her sake.

Being a father, comes with its own sets of perks. These perks are of being able to relish the happiest, proudest and the best feeling in the world. It is the sense of extra responsibility to ensure a proper growing environment, protecting a child from all worries, and ensuring her world is more beautiful and tension-free.

After two years, we were blessed with twin boys. One of my boys was weak and eventually passed away after 6 years of struggling with medicines, cerebral palsy and spasticity.

As a father, you always try hard to make your children’s lives easy, smooth, sweet and happier but when it comes to the hard work, I bet none can beat Mummy! She dons the role of a mother with such ease. It makes you wonder – What’s her secret?

Fateh Khan’s wife, Asma Khan, and children

Then as goes the saying, anyone in the world can be a father or a mother, but it takes someone special to become Dad and Mom. Today my children are studying in 6th and 4th grades, respectively.

After all these years, when I look back and wonder, how I was able to break my shell, I realise that it is LOVE for your family which gives you incomparable strength to do great things in life.

Father’s Day for me cannot be defined or contained in just a single day, it is a feeling to be cherished for life. But since it is symbolically given an acknowledgement to all fathers, I appreciate that this might help people to connect to their fathers in some way or the other.

As a father, I don’t expect much from my children, except that they always love me as much as they do now. It is their love that makes the relationship grow stronger. My advice to my children would be – Be happy and do what you like for yourself. Ensure to never take any step which is harmful for you, your friends or for society.

Always remember, I will always love you and be there for you till the end of my life.

-Written by Fateh Khan
(GHP community member)

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