Film Review – Baar Baar Dekho

How far can one be from reviewing movies, when you have the Film City in your neighbourhood? 

Our very own film buff, Payal Jain Sharma, loves reviewing films and TV series as a hobby and has generously offered them to the GHP blog. 

Payal’s USP is that her reviews are original and free from influence of other reviews.  She never reveals the plot,  no matter how eagerly she may want to! Her comments and reviews are only about the acting, the story, effective scenes, direction, etc.

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I am a movie buff, I make that very obvious 😛 but for the first time,  I had this urge to walk out of all  movie 😏

I am very confused with respect to this movie.  Simply because I am not able to decide whether to blame the story or the direction, or the script? Or is it all of these? I don’t know. All I can say is, I really feel bad when a lot of money is spent and the movie still doesn’t manage to do well.

If someone was to tell me that they are making a movie, set in the pre-Independence era in which the British won’t charge tax if the Indian side won a cricket match,  I would be screaming ‘Flop,  flop, flop!’,  but how the story is related in a convincing manner is the real magic of movie making.

This story is mainly about Siddharth Malhotra. There was not much for Katrina Kaif to do nor for the supporting actors. Sayani Gupta was amazing in Fan, but in this movie her talent was wasted. Sarika had nothing much to do either.

It felt like a non+animated version of Doraemon’s Time Machine series, through which the character goes back and forth in different times. Was it trying to be preachy and drive home the point “live for today, forget about tomorrow” Was that the theme?? If yes, It definitely wasn’t displayed well.

The movie is definitely not for the masses but it is not able to connect even with the target audience. No wonder it is struggling at the box office.

Thumbs Up –
The movie gives a sneak peek of the future gadgets and technologies; messages projected on glass screens, future cars or how a future laptop would look like. It was quite fascinating to see that bit.

Though I don’t read reviews before watching a movie, I did come across a video showing a man abusing the movie makers while scrolling through my Facebook page. And he revealed that the popular song “Kala Chashma” is in the end😬😬😬 and now having witnessed it myself, that was just another let down 👎🏻


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